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After spending a year studying together in Singapore, 3 teenage girls try to find a way to stay connected online.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 15

Ally's brother, Damon, becomes increasingly suspicious of the sudden comings and goings of Jackie and Emma and he determines to find out what's behind it all.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 16

While attending an elite, dance training camp, archrival Chelsea surprises the girls by offering to declare a truce between them.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 17

Alarm bells ring when Nicholas insists on delivering a birthday present to Jackie at her [non existant] home in Hamburg.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 18

When Dan is bitten by a snake, Jackie and Emma have no option but to use the chatroom to take him to Singapore for treatment.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 19

Ally and Jackie's good deed backfires on them and they're forced to go on the run from the police.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 20

When the chatroom won't allow Jackie to return to Singapore, the girls have to resort to some inventive improvisation to ensure no one discovers she's stuck in Australia.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 21

Emma's excuse to avoid going on a family holiday puts the girls' place in the semi finals in serious jeopardy.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 22

The girls' leisurely boat trip takes a dramatic turn when their dinghy has an engine malfunction and they start drifting out to sea.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 23

When the girls' mobiles are infected by a virus, Ally is trapped inside the chatroom as it starts to disintegrate!

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 24

In a bizarre twist of fate, the girls are forced to make a major sacrifice in order to help their arch-rival Chelsea out of trouble.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 25

The unthinkable happens when Chelsea steals Jackie's computer and the girls can't access the chatroom.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 26

Ally, Emma and Jackie approach the dance finals and the fact that the chatroom will soon close down for good.

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