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After spending a year studying together in Singapore, 3 teenage girls try to find a way to stay connected online.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 12

A series of misunderstandings creates tensions between the girls and their friendship is quickly in tatters.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 13

Emma's lateness with a school assignment leads to many more problems than she bargained for.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 14

The pressure is extreme when Ally's father organises a surprise party for her mother on the same day as the first dance elimination round.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 15

Ally's brother, Damon, becomes increasingly suspicious of the sudden comings and goings of Jackie and Emma and he determines to find out what's behind it all.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 16

While attending an elite, dance training camp, archrival Chelsea surprises the girls by offering to declare a truce between them.

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