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After spending a year studying together in Singapore, 3 teenage girls try to find a way to stay connected online.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 1

When three teenage friends from three different countries create their own private chatroom, they end up getting a lot more than they could have possibly ever imagined.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 2

When Emma, Jackie and Ally accidentally find themselves stranded in cyberspace, they discover some astonishing possibilities begin to open up.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 3

When Emma invites Jackie and Ally to attend a dance comp in Germany, a mislaid bag leads to mayhem and panic.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 4

When Jackie's dad forces her to quit dancing and concentrate on her schoolwork, the girls decide to secretly enter the National Dance Competition in Singapore, hoping to prove that she can dance and get 100% on her report card.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 5

Ally's pride sees Emma placed in serious danger and Jackie having to make her way alone through a strange city on the other side of the world.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 6

When Josh takes Jackie's computer without asking, Emma and Ally are left stranded in Singapore.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 7

The chat room's future is in serious jeopardy when Ally's father threatens to confiscate her mobile phone.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 8

When Ally's bother, Damon gets hold of her phone and accidentally transports himself into cyberspace, the future of the chatroom is in serious danger.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 9

Jackie's over-crowded schedule causes the three girls to fail qualification for the dance competition.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 10

Panic sets in when the girls' attendance at a Hamburg concert causes the chatroom's existence to be jeopardised.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 11

Ally is forced to seriously reassess her relationship with Dan when he asks her to the school formal.

a gURLs wURLd - Episode 12

A series of misunderstandings creates tensions between the girls and their friendship is quickly in tatters.

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