A Place to Call Home Series 1

A Place to Call Home Series 1

A Place to Call Home Series 1

In Northern New South Wales after World War II, Sarah Adams (Marta Dusseldorp), who has returned to Australia after twenty years abroad to start a new life and clashes with wealthy matriarch Elizabeth Bligh. Sarah must deal with the Blighs and her past, and begin her journey towards healing, and hopefully finding a place to call home.

A Place to Call Home s1 - Ep 3 - Truth Will Out

Sarah's annoyance at the invasion of her privacy turns to anger when she's questioned by Jack about what was discovered in her room: that Sarah is not her real name.

A Place to Call Home s1 - Ep 4 - Mona Lisa Smile

The horrors of war cast a long, unwelcome shadow over the town as Jack heads out around own with Sarah to show her the rounds. The death of Bill Gregory, a former Japanese POW sends a ripple of shock through the community. For Sarah, his death brings the painful realisation that it is impossible to deal with the past by burying it.

A Place to Call Home s1 - Ep 5 - Day of Atonement

Sarah struggles with her identity as Yom Kippur approaches, and she is haunted by memories of Rene's capture. Meanwhile, Olivia realises that her husband may have been in love with her brother William.

A Place to Call Home s1 - Ep 6 - That's Amore

George and Sarah grow closer when they successfully deliver a baby after a harrowing birth. Meanwhile, Anna and Gino's romance continues to blossom.

A Place to Call Home s1 - Ep 7 - Boom

Receiving word that her mother is gravely ill, Sarah gets a lift to Sydney with George and Anna. Elizabeth makes the decision to reveals her deepest, darkest secret in the hope that it can help James and Olivia see that there is hope for their marriage.

A Place to Call Home s1 - Ep 8 - Worlds Apart

Elizabeth is rushed to hospital where Jack confirms she has suffered a heart attack. Her frail health sees Anna and Gino decide to postpone telling their families about their relationship, but does Gino's mother already know the truth?

A Place to Call Home s1 - Ep 9 - Cane Toad

Sarah and George's relationship is becoming more intense, but will it survive the meddling of George's late wife's sister Regina? Anna fears the worst when she starts to experience nausea.

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