Our beloved Agony Aunts and Uncles return in a new six-part series covering a diverse range of topics that will get you thinking, keep you wondering and make you laugh. Over the past three years, the Agony Aunts and Uncles have discussed love, life, manners, Christmas and the mind. It's been funny, emotional and heartwarming. But now it's time to take aim at society's most sensitive topics. From flirting Vs sexual harassment, to science Vs God, privacy Vs security, the bikini Vs the burka, private schools Vs state to cosmetic surgery Vs growing old gracefully- this series is a war of ideas featuring some of Australia's most entertaining controversialists including; Lawrence Mooney, Celia Pacquola, John and Tom Elliott, Steve Vizard, Kate Langbroek, Joe Hildebrand and Amanda Vanstone.

The Agony Of Ageing

Popular wisdom used to be that people who "had work done" were desperate and sad, with many Australians eschewing cosmetic surgery lest they end up looking like frightened clowns in a wind tunnel. But that opinion has been lasered away with Australians now spending $850 million-a-year on cosmetic surgery and the figure growing at 25 per cent per annum. Former super model Jerry Hall is dead against the trend saying that cosmetic surgery makes "perfectly intelligent women look like lunatics". ''I'm against botox too," says Hall. "For one thing, it's very bad for your health to put poison in your forehead, and if you paralyse the expression, you don't feel emotions properly." But the trend is showing no sign of abating as an aging population looks in the mirror and says, "Is that me? I look old, but I don't feel old." Is it important to look like you feel? And is looking your age soon going to be a subversive act?

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