Sarah Clarke meets successful Australians who are doing business in Asia, and discusses the challenges of conducting business across cultures.

AusBizAsia - Episode 6

Meet the Australian couple connecting the corporate world with those in need helping millions of people around the world, and the lifestyle blogger with a DIY talent who's turned her passion for fashion into a full time business.

AusBizAsia - Episode 7

Meet the Australian hairdresser who's at the helm of one of India's fastest growing salon chains and the technology entrepreneur who hit the jackpot with Apple best app in 2013.

AusBizAsia - Episode 8

Meet the Australian comedian who's a household name in South Korea and the former journalist who is now importing antiques to China.

AusBizAsia - Episode 9

We talk to 3 thirty-something entrepreneurs who started an eyewear online company from scratch and recently won a top gong at the Australian China business awards. Plus, the Australian overseeing the Asian arm of the world's largest provider of personal computers.

AusBizAsia - Episode 10

Check out one of the most expensive property markets in the world plus the inspirational corporate lawyer who's set up a charity helping remote communities in the Himalayas.

AusBizAsia - Episode 11

The Australian business woman who pioneered fine dining in Shanghai shares her recipes for success and Sarah Clarke meets a couple in Hong Kong who've started their own design magazine.

AusBizAsia - Episode 14

Meet the golf course designers who've carved a solid slice of the action in Asia and the Australians successfully riding one of the most competitive horse racing circuits in the world.

AusBizAsia - Episode 15

We meet the Aussies tapping into the coffee culture that's driving new business across Asia, & the stylish entrepreneur who founded the first multi-brand fashion house in the region.

AusBizAsia - Episode 16

AusBizAsia goes backstage to meet the Aussie managing the world's largest water performance & establishing Macau as an entertainment hub. Plus, we talk technology with Google's most senior woman in Asia.

AusBizAsia - Episode 17

Meet the "trailing spouse" who is counseling others to start up their own business while overseas, and the young architect who was in the right place at the right time and has designed a boutique hotel from scratch in Mumbai.

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