Australian Story

Australian Story

Australian Story

The program aims to present a varied and contrasting picture of contemporary Australia and Australians from many different perspectives and to contribute to the wider spectrum of coverage of issues and individuals.

Australian Story - Vanishing Act

'The Voice' winner Karise Eden reveals just why she turned her back on fame after her huge win and why she's now ready to sing again.

Australian Story - The Innocent (Part 1)

On a summer's day in 1992 a thirteen year old schoolgirl called Prue Bird vanished without a trace. It became one of Victoria's most enduring mysteries...

Australian Story - The Innocent (Part 2)

Part two - Murder, payback and the cost of crime when a Melbourne mother discovers her own family might be behind her daughter's disappearance.

Australian Story - How I Met Your Father

The tale of a very modern family... a true romance that starts at the end and ends at the beginning.

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