Australian Story

Australian Story

Australian Story

Well-known and not so well-known Australians telling their own remarkable stories in their own words. #AustralianStory


Australian Story - The Longest Expedition

When Paul Pritchard returned to Tasmania's majestic Totem Pole rock pillar three months ago it was the culmination of an 18-year journey. The former professional climber and writer suffered a massive injury in 1998 when his rope dislodged a large rock, which fell on his head. #AustralianStory

Australian Story - The Heart Bus

If you live in the bush it's hard to get the same level of medical care as you can in the city, but now a doctor has come up with an ambitious idea to change all that. #AustralianStory

Australian Story - Gone Girl

This week's program is about a young woman who puts a human face to the issue of "unauthorised" boat arrivals in Australia. #AustralianStory

Australian Story - The Two Of Us

When 16-year-old music student James Morrison met legendary jazz man Don Burrows in 1978, it was one of the biggest turning points in his life. Now with Don Burrows about to turn 88 and in fading health, the tables have turned. It's time for James to look after Don.

Australian Story - About a Girl

Battling prejudice and legal challenges, 16-year-old transgender teenager Georgie Stone takes on the system to make life easier for other transgender kids and their families.

Australian Story - What a Wonderful World

At 17, Little Pattie became the youngest entertainer to perform for the troops in Vietnam. Fifty years later she returns to Vietnam for the anniversary commemoration, to remember those who died in the Battle of Long Tan and to sing once more for those who survived.

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