Australian Story

Australian Story

Australian Story

Australian Story returns for its 21st season with more unique stories that provide an insight into Australian life with all its complexities and challenges. #AustralianStory

Australian Story - My Mother's Secret

Blindsided by her mother's shock suicide, newspaper columnist Nikki Gemmell's search for answers takes her down the rabbit hole of the euthanasia debate. #AustralianStory

Australian Story - Splendour In The Grass

As they work to regenerate their historic property of Wooleen in WA, newlyweds David Pollock and Frances Jones risk alienating their neighbours in the community where David grew up. #AustralianStory

Australian Story - On Borrowed Time

A young asylum seeker is released from immigration detention to return to her married life in the community. But she faces an uncertain future. #AustralianStory

Australian Story - Into Hot Water

Underwater adventurer Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg leads a team that believes some of the world's great coral reefs can be saved from the threat of rising sea temperatures and climate change. #AustralianStory

Australian Story - Getting Away With Murder

Could one of Australia's most notorious cold cases finally be solved? Two women investigate a chilling crime and discover a world of fear, favours and political intrigue. #AustralianStory

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