Bench to Bedside

Bench to Bedside

Bench to Bedside

Bench to Bedside tells the inspirational stories of people and animals living with serious illnesses.

Bench to Bedside - Ep 2 - Keaton & Riley

How does a hard-working family cope when 3 of their 4 young children are diagnosed with a rare and fatal genetic disease? The Smiths have 4 children, 3 of whom were born with Niemann-Pick Type C (NP-C). NP-C is a fatal neuro-degenerative disease that causes a child's nervous system to shut down.

Bench to Bedside - Ep 3 - Dakota's Brain

When 10-year-old Dakota, a rescue dog, is diagnosed with brain cancer his owner, Dee Mueller, is devastated. Determined to keep Dakota alive, Dee brings Dakota to Dr. John Ohlfest and Dr. Elizabeth Pluhar who have formed a scientist-veterinary team and set out on a mission to cure the deadliest forms of brain cancer that are killing both people and companion pets, like Dakota.

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