Big Australia

Big Australia

Big Australia

Big Australia highlights some of the mega projects and operations that shape the country. It demonstrates the sheer scale and brilliance of these projects taking viewers to the frontline of some of the nations biggest industries and beyond.

Big Australia - Ep 3 - Cattle Station

Millungera is 1 million acres of cattle country and the Acton land and cattle company are some of the biggest producers of Beef in the world. Large properties for rearing livestock are a huge part of Australian history and culture, and the Acton Land and Cattle Company are passionate about the land and their life.

Big Australia - Ep 4 - Atlas Iron

Australia's iron ore industry is experiencing unprecedented growth as the demand for steel from a modernising China reaches fever pitch. In Australia's remote north- west Pilbara region, Australian miner Atlas Iron is emerging as an iron ore powerhouse undergoing enormous and aggressive growth.

Big Australia - Ep 5 - Sugar

Mackay is widely known as the 'sugar capital' of Australia, and its harbour is home to one of the largest bulk-sugar loading terminals in the world. Mackay Sugar operates three mills, producing the bulk of Australia's domestic supply and global exports.

Big Australia - Ep 6 - Camp Drafting [FINAL]

Unique to Australia, camp drafting is arguably Australia's fastest growing sport. Australia's hardworking cattlemen and women are drawn to the sport of camp drafting and the highly prized Paradise Lagoons event is held near Australia's city of Rockhampton annually and draws thousands of entries from around the country.

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