Big Ideas

Big Ideas

Big Ideas

Big Ideas brings you the best of talks, forums, debates, and festivals held in Australia and around the world.

Big Ideas - Ep 63 - Scots College Lecture: John Stackhouse

Is Richard Dawkins right? Are Christians dumb, delusional & dangerous? This is an address given by John Stackhouse, the Professor of Theology & Culture at Regent College in Vancouver.

Big Ideas - Ep 64 - IQ2 Debate Sydney: We are Becoming Enslaved by our Technology

Are we becoming enslaved to our technology? This was a decent Intelligence Squared debate with the audience split between the oldies, some middle aged hipsters & a bunch of law students.

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Big Ideas - Ep66 - Griffith Review Annual Lecture 2014: Chris Sarra

The Federal government have recently allocated twenty two million dollars to fund an expansion of an education scheme called Direct Instruction that has been piloted in Cape York and much favoured by Noel Pearson.

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