Blue Water High Series 1

Blue Water High Series 1

Blue Water High Series 1

Welcome to Blue Water Beach surf academy where each year 7 lucky students are chosen for a special program.

Blue Water High s1 - Episode 1

Controversy dogs the final heats for places at the Solar Blue Surf Academy: Fly's board is broken by a rival; Bec's furious when the last heat is cancelled and the final place goes to kiteboarder, Anna.

Blue Water High s1 - Episode 2

Anna's feeling the pressure and challenges Joe to a surf-off; if he wins, she'll leave. Despite the treacherous conditions, Anna surfs like a champion. She wins the respect of her team-mates, and Bec's grudging approval.

Blue Water High s1 - Episode 3

The school competition falls on the same day as a Solar Blue function and Matt puts himself on the line to attend both. Matt's commitment to the Academy is questioned.

Blue Water High s1 - Episode 4

Fly's homesick and accidentally runs up a huge bill on Anna's mobile. She secretly starts work at a carwash to try and pay it off but breaks the machinery, ending up deeper in debt.

Blue Water High s1 - Episode 5

Anna's last on the scoreboard and her surfing is deteriorating. Homesick for Germany, Anna can't see how she'll ever compete until she sees a confidential file with a letter from her old coach in it.

Blue Water High s1 - Episode 6

Edge is losing competitions because he won't follow Simmo's advice. He then goes kite-boarding in rough seas after only one lesson. He's forced to rethink his attitude when Bec risks her life to rescue him.

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