Blue Water High Series 1

Blue Water High Series 1

Blue Water High Series 1

Welcome to Blue Water Beach surf academy where each year 7 lucky students are chosen for a special program.

Blue Water High s1 - Ep 13 - A Life On The Line

Perri rescues someone from the surf only to discover that he's an attention seeking adrenalin junkie. She's hailed as a hero but is so traumatised that she vows never to rescue anyone again.

Blue Water High s1 - Ep 14 - Bad Boy Heath

Heath falls in love with the new girl at school, avoiding training to be with her, and lying to everyone in the process - until Fly catches him out.

Blue Water High s1 - Ep 15 - Jokers Wild

Fly's losing surf contests because she's too passive, but when she finally surfs to win at a regional girls comp, her friendship with Bec is put to the test.

Blue Water High s1 - Ep 16 - It's Hard To Be Normal

After pushing herself to the limit with a hardcore training regime, Anna decides its time to let her hair down, and almost lets the team down as well.

Blue Water High s1 - Ep 17 - Perri Lies Low

When Perri's diabetes is discovered, her surfing future is on the line, until Matt convinces Deb and Simmo to let her stay at the Academy.

Blue Water High s1 - Ep 18 - Winning Isn't Everything

Edge alienates the boys with his 'win at all costs' attitude at a triathlon event, learning a painful lesson when he gets lost in the National Park

Blue Water High s1 - Ep 19 - Right Dance - Wrong Partner

At the school formal, Edge learns the consequences of taking what doesn't belong to him, and taking for granted what he already has.

Blue Water High s1 - Ep 20 - Big Wave Fears

After being invited to a surf competition in Tahiti, Bec faces two of her greatest fears: wiping out on big waves, and admitting to Edge how she feels about him.

Blue Water High s1 - Ep 21 - The Kiss

Perri jeopardises the relationships in the house when her feelings for Edge climax in a kiss.

Blue Water High s1 - Ep 22 - Behind The Scenes

Heath is pressured by a ruthless surf magazine editor to secretly take 'behind the scenes' photos of the Academy couples and their romantic antics.

Blue Water High s1 - Ep 23 - Tough Choices

Anna secretly enters a kiteboarding competition, wins a place on the South Coast Junior team, and then has to choose between surfing and kiteboarding.

Blue Water High s1 - Ep 24 - The Band Plays On

When the newly-formed Solar Blue band promises to play at the local surf competition, Fly's lack of musical ability threatens to turn the evening into a disaster.

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