Bondi Vet Series 4

Bondi Vet Series 4

Bondi Vet Series 4

Take a journey with charismatic Veterinarians Dr Chris, Dr Lisa and Tim as they embark on some unforgettable adventures across Australia and abroad, meeting extraordinary animals in need and the people that love them.

Bondi Vet Series 4 - Episode 9

A morning walk has gone tragically wrong for Tigger and his distressed owner Bernadette. A street cleaner spooked the five year old and sent him charging into a car. Plus, 15 year-old Pearl the fur seal used to be the star of the show at the Pet Porpoise Pool in Coffs Harbour. Now a cataract in her left eye has left her blind and terrified.

Bondi Vet Series 4 - Episode 10

Ziggy is a dog with an embarrassing problem - a huge mass is hanging off his back leg. Bemused vet nurse Neil tells us its like "a 3rd testicle swinging in the wind." Plus, Hugo is a 61 year-old Galapagos tortoise who has just reached his sexual peak and is ready to find a girlfriend and mate.

Bondi Vet Series 4 - Episode 11

Boris the Staffy was born with a cleft palate. He has now endured seven operations to try to fix the gaping hole in his mouth. All have failed and time is running out. Plus, a venomous sea-snake has been washed up on the beach and needs to be removed before somebody gets bitten.

Bondi Vet Series 4 - Episode 12

The terribly overweight Titch is rushed into Sash suffering from an extreme case of heatstroke. The corgi cross is just hanging on and her owners are devastated. Plus, the Bondi vet is asked to take bacteria swabs from some of the Australian Reptile Park's most terrifying residents.

Bondi Vet Series 4 - Episode 13

At the Mogo Zoo, Saraya the Sumatran tiger is in excruciating pain from a fractured tooth. Plus, Sash emergency vet Lisa Chimes has dealt with plenty of tick cases but she will never forget this one. Maru... a tiny Pomerania... is fighting for his life.

Bondi Vet Series 4 - Episode 14

Chris is called out to a women's prison to help a mother in trouble. Golden retriever Brielle is giving birth to a huge litter of puppies that are earmarked to become assistance dogs. Plus, a tiny kitten has fallen from the top of a scratching post at home. The kitten's distraught young owners are in shock.

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