Bondi Vet Series 4

Bondi Vet Series 4

Bondi Vet Series 4

Take a journey with charismatic Veterinarians Dr Chris, Dr Lisa and Tim as they embark on some unforgettable adventures across Australia and abroad, meeting extraordinary animals in need and the people that love them.

Bondi Vet Series 4 - Episode 1

Homer the turtle is going on holidays while his owner is overseas. What can go wrong? Well ...try finding the little fellow in the fangs of the resident pooch. Plus, when a car runs over a cat's head.... surely there is no chance of survival?

Bondi Vet Series 4 - Episode 2

Chris heads to the Victorian high country to help out a mate and to realise a boyhood dream of becoming a vet in the bush. It's a challenging week as he treats everything from horses to wombats and monkeys and helps save a mother in trouble.

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