Catalyst presents science stories from Australia and around the world - meeting scientists at the forefront of discovery, and uncovering innovative breakthroughs that impact our lives however big or small.

Catalyst - Music On The Brain

Could the soundtrack of your life bring back fading memories? Catalyst takes you inside an extraordinary new program, revealing how personalised playlists can re-awaken the brains of people with dementia. #ABCcatalyst

Catalyst - Micro-Plastics / Tassie's Secrets

What damage are the micro-plastics that escape down our household drains doing to marine life in Australia? Plus the geology of north-western Tasmania reveals similarities to Antarctica & North America. #ABCcatalyst

Catalyst - If Pain Persists

This week we investigate recent advances in science and medical engineering that are transforming our understanding of chronic back pain & opening the door to new treatments. #ABCcatalyst

Catalyst - Motorcycle Clothes / Gravitational Waves

A new kind of telescope will allow us to observe a whole host of astronomical phenomena, like gravitational waves. Plus how protective is safety motorcycle gear anyway? Mark Horstman lays his body on the line. #ABCcatalyst

Catalyst - Lavender & The Honey Bee / Tassie Fires

New research reveals that Lavender can help bees make new memories & change their DNA. Could it do the same for humans? Plus, how climate change is affecting the 1000 year old World Heritage forests in Tasmania. #ABCcatalyst

Catalyst - Blind Leading The Blind / Bionic Bra

Researchers are getting a clearer picture on the way the brain turns sounds into images, redefining our understanding of vision. Plus, the "Bionic Bra" - providing the right amount of breast support as needed. #ABCcatalyst