Catalyst brings you science stories from Australia and around the world.

Catalyst - Ep 7 - AE2-The Silent ANZAC, Where Does Fat Go?

Anja Taylor travels to Turkey to reveal the hidden secrets of Australia's long lost WW1 submarine, the AE2. Plus, most of us want to lose a bit of weight but have you ever wondered where those discarded kilograms actually go?

Catalyst - Ep 8 - Epilepsy, Dark Matter

Mark Horstman reveals the advancements in epilepsy treatment that are giving epilepsy sufferers new hope. Plus, Dr Graham Phillips meets the man who discovered dark energy - Nobel Prize winner Professor Brian Schmidt.

Catalyst - Ep 9 - Dr Jane Goodall, Mystery Mummy, Eureka Prizes

Meet Dr Jane Goodall DBE, world-renowned primatologist, humanitarian, conservationist and UN Messenger of Peace. Can science help the dead speak? We virtually "unwrap" a mysterious mummy to unveil secrets hidden for thousands of years. Plus, The Eureka prizes - the perfect platform to inspire a curiosity of science.

Catalyst - Ep 10 - Testosterone, Man Flu

Testosterone has long been considered the hormone that makes men masculine. But is this common perception selling the hormone short? Dr Graham Phillips investigates. Plus, "man flu" - is it real and what's testosterone got to do with it? Simon Pampena is on a mission to find out.

Catalyst - Ep 11 - Honey Bees, Drinking Water, Driver Distraction

The world is experiencing a global bee crisis, and with bees responsible for almost a third of the food on our plate, this is a crisis that could affect us all. Australian researchers have discovered that the brain automatically regulates how much water we need to drink making the mantra "drink eight glasses of water a day" obsolete. Plus, Catalyst investigates how much car conversations distract us.

Catalyst - Ep 12 - Mega Tsunamis, Allergy Pill, Nature Play

By investigating the tell-tale signs of earthquakes and tsunamis written into the landscape over the last thousand years, Japanese scientists are rewriting the rule books for disaster prevention in the Pacific. Plus, In the western world there's an epidemic of allergies. Could it be that our lifestyles are too clean?

Catalyst - Ep 13 - Falling in Friendship

Friendship. From before we can even speak, we seek the companionship of others. But why is this drive so powerful? And how come out of all the people we meet in our lives, we fall in friendship with some and not others?

Catalyst - Ep 14 - Global Warming Pause, Virtual Universe, Green Alloys

From 1975 to 1998 the world saw a rapid rise of global average air surface temperatures, linked to increasing greenhouse gas emissions. But for the last 16 years the rate of rise has slowed dramatically leading skeptics to question predictions of catastrophe. In this episode we find out 'what happened to global warming?' Plus, What can be done about the mountains of waste products that can't be recycled?

Catalyst - Ep 15 - Tokyo Flood Prevention, Crying, Open Plan Office

50 metres beneath the teeming megacity of Tokyo is an underworld river system - 6.4km of tunnels, colossal water tanks, giant pumps that remove 200 tonnes of floodwater every second. It's an engineering marvel built to protect Tokyo against the increasing threat of flooding. Plus, Get ready for a weepy as we collect our tears and put them to the test on a mission to discover why we cry and what is the effect of the open plan office on work production, our health and our happiness?

Catalyst - Ep 16 - Wind, Bird Strike

Catalyst explores the two thousand reported bird strikes on planes recorded each year and investigates which bird species are the main culprits and what's being done to save the birds and minimise the damage to planes. Catalyst also looks at extreme weather warnings and what impacts powerful wind gusts can have on your home and car.

Catalyst - Ep 17 - Aircraft Electromagnetic Interference, Tilapia, Laser Danger

Catalyst investigates the tests being conducted to help determine the susceptibility of military aircraft to electromagnetic interference. The Tilapia fish is an exotic invasive species introduced to Australia and is taking hold in Queensland rivers. Anja Taylor investigates new DNA technology which may prevent devastating infestations from occurring. Ruben Meerman demonstrates the power of lasers and reveals what makes them so dangerous.

Catalyst - Ep18 - Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction?

This week in a special investigation, Catalyst explores the science behind the low carb diet. What are the health benefits and are there any risks? Is it suitable for everyone? Australian cricketer Shane Watson talks about how cutting carbs has helped him overcome his long-term struggle with weight.

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