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Maryanne Demasi controls the march of Dengue Fever; Derek Muller checks out scramjetting into space and Graham Phillips checks out the Voyagers' epic journey.

Catalyst: On The Road - Episode 5

Three Catalyst reporters, Anja, Derek and Simon, continue their road trek across Southern Australia. They have arrived where the Murray River meets the ocean and the Coorong Wetland.

Catalyst: On The Road - Episode 6

Derek and Simon are at Warrnambool, on the Victorian coast, to join a team of researchers mapping and revealing for the first time the stunning natural features of Victoria's seafloor.

Catalyst - Episode 7

This episode looks into tornadoes made of fire; whether it's possible to make a meal from fly larvae; and if dogs have empathy.

Catalyst - Episode 8

Mark Horstman takes stock of fisheries; Anja Taylor looks at the threat of cyber attack and Maryann Demasi discovers an invention helping stroke victims recover.

Catalyst - Episode 9

Maryanne Demasi controls the march of Dengue Fever; Derek Muller checks out scramjetting into space and Graham Phillips checks out the Voyagers' epic journey.

Catalyst - ep 10 - Doping To Win: Life Enhancing Drugs

Athletes cheat, do you? Catalyst investigates the substances at the forefront of the sports doping controversy and asks whether we are all potential candidates for life enhancing drugs, enhancing career and social behaviour.

Catalyst - Episode 11

Anja Taylor looks at the domino effect of environmental and atmospheric factors that drive the globe to wetter, hotter, drier and colder extremes. Mark Horstman looks at ultra-sharp images from below the sea.

Catalyst - Episode 12

A growing number of parents are taking their babies and young children to chiropractors for problems that would normally be treated by a medical doctor, colic, reflux, asthma and autism. Are they putting the children at risk?

Catalyst - Episode 13

Mark investigates raising rainbow children; do they develop differently from their 'traditional' counterparts? And Reuben tries out an Air Ops Simulator and Simon takes a critical look at dating sites.

Catalyst - Ep 14 - The Chemistry of Attraction

The Chemistry of Attraction - do we select our perfect partner by their odour? Catalyst invited 100 young people to a Pheremone Party - bring a smelly t-shirt and find a mate. But will pheromones trump looks and personality?

Catalyst - Episode 15

Graham Phillips looks at what ancient teeth reveal about our dental health and Ruben Meerman sounds out who is really doing the composing - musician or machine.

Catalyst - Episode 16

Dr Maryanne Demasi investigates the bitter truth about the dangers of a sweet diet and Ruben Meerman takes a look at how fluoride protects teeth and the reasons for its addition to water supplies.

Catalyst - Ep20 - Antiviral Abalone, Fermat's Last Theorem, Predator Scat Survey

The pristine bays of Tasmania's coast line are home to the much sought after abalone. These sea molluscs aren't just a culinary delicacy their blood may be the key to a new treatment for cold sores and herpes. Plus, Is Tasmania's unique wildlife in peril? Mark Horstman joins The Great Poo hunt in search of predator droppings that they hope will confirm whether foxes have invaded the island.

Catalyst - Ep21 - Future Cities

The media abounds with visions of gloomy, automated megacities or totally sustainable ecological utopias but how do these futuristic visions relate to the development of Australian cities over the next eighty years? With soaring populations, how will we keep our cities liveable? And what will the city of tomorrow look like? Catalyst reporter, Anja Taylor explores some innovative ideas to enhance our future cities.

Catalyst - Ep 22 - Cardiac Implants, Rats, Perfect Drink

Mark Horstman gives up some of his own blood to test specially coated stents that can mimic the blood vessel wall. A surprising number of native marsupials are mistaken for rats. Using infrared cameras Dr Jonica Newby & some enthusiastic recruits are on a mission to find out what's been lurking in their back yard. Plus, how can you enhance the unique flavour of gin?

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