Changing Minds

Changing Minds

Changing Minds

A three-part documentary series that follows patients in the Mental Health Unit of Campbelltown Hospital. Features younger patients who are most at risk of developing mental illness.

Changing Minds - Episode 1

We go inside the locked wards of Liverpool Hospital's Mental Health Unit and meet Patrick the high flying IT specialist who was admitted after hitching a ride on the bull bar of a truck.

Changing Minds - Episode 2

Jeffrey was brought to Liverpool Hospital by police after an altercation. He thought he'd be there for a few hours. A month later he's fighting for his freedom, but is he well enough to be released?

Changing Minds - Episode 3

We catch up with the patients we've met so far. Some have been released and have returned to normal life. Others are still finding life challenging and may need to be re-admitted.

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