Cloudstreet tells the story of 2 families in 1940s Australia who suffer separate catastrophes and flee to Perth to pick up the pieces of their lives.

Cloudstreet - Ep 5 - The Great River

Terrible news arrives for The Pickles, and Dolly makes renewed attempts to see if alcohol will console her. The house is still groaning and suffering - worse than ever. Life is now as dislocated as it will ever be. Oriel is furthest away from the faith she once had. And Sam, as always, is just waiting to see what happens next.

Cloudstreet - Ep 6 - Coming Home [FINAL]

It's now mid 1950s, and for a moment Sam tosses up whether to sell No.1 Cloud Street - but no one actually wants to. The house has become part of them. Part of all of them. Both families help the other as they each journey away from faith, away from family, away from home and away from love, all eventually returning to find their natural place in Cloudstreet.

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