Cloudstreet tells the story of 2 families in 1940s Australia who suffer separate catastrophes and flee to Perth to pick up the pieces of their lives.

Cloudstreet - Ep 1 - No. 1 Cloud Street

WWII brings bad luck to both the Lamb and Pickles families. Then Sam Pickles inherits a house in Perth and when a further run of bad luck leads him to rent one half of it out, the Lambs become tenants in No.1 Cloud Street.

Cloudstreet - Ep 2 - The House Breathes

The Lambs open a corner store in the front room of their half of the house and make their own life, whereas the Pickles are blown by the winds of fate. Sam gets a job in the Mint, while Dolly spends more time in the bar. But the house - the living, groaning house - is an uncomfortable presence.

Cloudstreet - Ep 3 - A Desertion

Years have passed, but little has changed. The Lambs are still bustlers, the Pickles do little. Rose's antipathy towards Dolly has grown and Quick Lamb is still looking after his brain-damaged brother Fish, and continuing to feel guilty.

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