Colour Theory s1

Colour Theory s1

Colour Theory s1

Host Richard Bell presents an incredible range of Australian indigenous artistic expression and practice, featuring works in a variety of media. Shot on location around Australia, each episode will focus on one artist and how their culture inspires their modern art form.

Colour Theory s1 - Ep 5 - Reko Rennie

Kamilaroi/Gamilaraay/Gummaroi man Reko Rennie was born in Melbourne in 1974. Having received no formal training in the Arts, Reko's teenage affair with graffiti and street art has shaped Reko's contemporary work.

Colour Theory s1 - Ep 6 - Archie Moore

Sculptor and Musician Archie Moore presents his biblical works of art. Archie transforms bibles from bound books to replica models of churches, he is on an artistic mission from God.

Colour Theory s1 - Ep 7 - Vicki West

Staying true to tradition and her indigenous identity, Vicki collects kelp along the Tasmanian coast, which is used to weave her work and sculptures. Vicki takes us on a tour of the southern Island where she challenges the myth of extinction.

Colour Theory s1 - Ep 8 - Tony Albert

From Cardwell rainforest in Queensland, Tony Albert uses political word play in his latest work "Pay Attention". Colour Theory gets inside the mind of an artist who captures the essence of displacement, racism and alienation.