Hosted by Kumi Taguchi, Compass explores the interface between religion & life as experienced by individuals & communities - from ordinary Australians, public leaders, religious thinkers & philosophers. #ABCcompass

Compass - New Directions

Compass returns in a new Saturday timeslot when Geraldine Doogue passes the baton to brand new Compass presenter Kumi Taguchi in an interview revealing why Kumi is the perfect person for the job.

Compass - Love In A Hurry

Three very different people reveal how they approach the tricky business of managing dating and relationships with a life limiting illness.

Compass - Modern Prophets: The Writer (Tim Winton)

In the first of a three part series 'Modern Prophets', Geraldine Doogue interviews writer Tim Winton, a deep thinker whose life has been underpinned by his faith and commitment to making a difference.

Compass - Ethically Challenged

Host Natasha Mitchell is alongside the Easthorpes family as they attempt to redefine the way they live, making ethical choices about how they'll travel and what they'll eat.

Compass - The Reformation - Who Cares?

In the 500th anniversary of Luther's challenge to the Catholic Church, Kumi Taguchi explores the relevance of the event that kickstarted a revolution that continues to resonate in Australian lives today.

Compass - Can't Keep An Old Dog Down

What happens to old dogs when their owners can't take care of them anymore? Compass meets older people who have been 'matched up' with older dogs, bringing new life to both. We also meet Gina, an amazing woman who leads an army of people dedicated to rescuing older dogs. Because in the end humans and dogs all need the same things when they grow old - health, home and family.

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