Compass 2016

Compass 2016

Compass 2016

Presented by Geraldine Doogue, Compass explores the interface between religion and life as experienced by individuals and communities - including ordinary Australians, public leaders, religious thinkers and philosophers.

Compass 2016 - Too Young For Bingo

Michelle, Vicki and Aaron are young adults who suffered devastating disability through chronic illness and injury. For each of them a protracted stay in aged care facilities has formed part of their recovery experience.

Compass 2016 - Melany's Remedy

Melany was only 12 when her father died by suicide. As a young adult she realised she could no longer shut out the past. Meeting Helen Dunne was a turning point. A professional shroud maker, inspired by her own experience of loss, Helen also runs courses in making and decorating personalised burial shrouds. This process of stitching, talking and creating a shroud to her father's memory was the catalyst for Melany's grieving to begin.

Compass 2016 - Auburn Giants

When Amna Karra-Hassan played her first game of Aussie Rules football she was hooked. She convinced friends to start training with her & form a women's team. Five years later the Auburn Giants are top of the ladder.

Compass 2016 - Values in the House

In this one-hour Compass special, Geraldine Doogue goes beyond the political point scoring and engages with five politicians - one from each of the parties and an independent - about their core values and beliefs.

Compass 2016 - Capitalism Under Pressure

Has the time come to reform capitalism? The Brexit vote, the Trump phenomenon, the resurgence of One Nation, distress signs that democracy & capitalism as we know them are under pressure and failing to deliver for all.

Compass 2016 - The Little Church That Grew

A massive influx of devout Lutheran refugees from Africa to a church in country Victoria has increased the congregation from 20 to 200 causing chaos, but also bringing much fun, friendship and love.

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