Hosted by Kumi Taguchi, Compass explores the interface between religion & life as experienced by individuals & communities - from ordinary Australians, public leaders, religious thinkers & philosophers. #ABCcompass

Compass - Ethically Challenged

Host Natasha Mitchell is alongside the Easthorpes family as they attempt to redefine the way they live, making ethical choices about how they'll travel and what they'll eat.

Compass - The Bush Preachers

As Hermannsburg Mission celebrates its 140th anniversary in the 500th year of the Lutheran Church, it continues the tradition of holding open air bush camps for pastors.

Compass - Team Australia

What does it mean to be Australian? What are Australian values? Five passionate individuals from a variety of backgrounds agree to a "lock in" at an iconic venue with a mission to come up with their own list of questions.

Compass - Ike's Conversion

Ike Curtis looks like a typical Melburnian. He's into music, studies at uni & barracks for AFL team Richmond. But at 20 he's about to complete a long-held dream to become an Orthodox Jew. Compass joins Ike on his journey.

Compass - Out of Egypt: The Copts

The Copts are one of the oldest forms of Christianity & their religious practice is significantly different to other Christian denominations. Two newly minted Coptic priests share their journey.

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