Hosted by Kumi Taguchi, Compass explores the interface between religion & life as experienced by individuals & communities - from ordinary Australians, public leaders, religious thinkers & philosophers. #ABCcompass

Compass - Modern Prophets: The Comedian (Sakdiyah Ma'ruf)

Geraldine Doogue interviews Indonesia's first female stand-up comedian Sakdiyah Ma'ruf. Having learnt to speak English by watching TV, she enjoys combining religion & humour with the freedom that only comedy allows.

Compass - Speed Date A Muslim

Hana Assafiri is a woman on a mission. At a time when Islamaphobia is on the rise she runs regular Speed Dating sessions where people come and ask Muslim women any questions they like about Islam. Determined to offer Muslim women a safe space to work Hana started Fitzroy's renowned Moroccan Soup Bar 18 years ago.

Compass - Goodbye Harry Haxton

When Harry Haxton invited friends and family to a combined book launch and wake, it was his way of telling the world he'd had enough of grappling with end stage kidney disease. He'd ticked off most of the items on his bucket list and when Compass began filming he was preparing to live his last week to the full.

Compass - School's Out

It's estimated more than 50,000 Australian kids are not going to school, not because they are playing truant, but because their parents have chosen to home school them. So who are these families, why have they chosen to home-school and what do the students get out of staying home? We meet three families who have decided to go their own way.

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