Crash Zone Series 1

Crash Zone Series 1

Crash Zone Series 1

Mike, Pi, Marcello, Bec and Ram are smart kids who have just scored the best job ever - testing computer games.

Crash Zone s1 - Ep 12 - The Shadow

Marcello throws Catalyst into uproar when he hacks into Alex's system. Alex brings in legendary hacker-tracker J.D. Moon to find the security breach. Marcello is too scared to own up to his foolishness and as J.D. Moon gets closer to the truth, the kids have to choose whether to help Marcello or not. When Alex discovers the truth, she fires Marcello!

Crash Zone s1 - Ep 13 - The Outsider

When Virgil goes missing after confiding in Ram, it's obvious to the kids that Sunijim have somehow "captured" him. Marcello sees this as a way to redeem himself in Alex's eyes and, with his friends' help, infiltrates Sunijim in an attempt to rescue Virgil from Brad Kane. When Marcello gets into difficulties, the team use all their computer skills to save Marcello and Virgil, reuniting the Crash Zone team.

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