Crash Zone Series 2

Crash Zone Series 2

Crash Zone Series 2

Mike, Pi, Marcello, Bec and Ram return from the school holidays to their dream job, testing the next generation of computer games at Catalyst. It's a blast, but it's not just games that are being tested - loyalties, friendships and values are also on the line in the funny, compelling world that is Crash Zone.

Crash Zone s2 - Ep 1 - Something New

The kids are stunned to find that Catalyst is on the brink of financial ruin. How can they save the company, when they've just offended the only potential investor Mathew Gallagher? The kids find an electronic solution.

Crash Zone s2 - Ep 2 - It's An Art

An inventor brings radical 3-D glasses to Catalyst. Alex convinces him that Catalyst has the perfect game to showcase them to the world. Only, which game?

Crash Zone s2 - Ep 3 - Free Stuff

The lure of a program that can order all the free stuff from the Net automatically is Marcello's latest brainwave. When it goes wrong however it threatens everyone's future!

Crash Zone s2 - Ep 4 - Solidarity

They kids are torn between principles and Alex when they go on strike for better conditions. Their actions threaten the launch of Alex's latest game.

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