Crash Zone Series 2

Crash Zone Series 2

Crash Zone Series 2

Mike, Pi, Marcello, Bec and Ram return from the school holidays to their dream job, testing the next generation of computer games at Catalyst. It's a blast, but it's not just games that are being tested - loyalties, friendships and values are also on the line in the funny, compelling world that is Crash Zone.

Crash Zone s2 - Ep 6 - Your Cheating Heart

Marcello uses a "cheat site" to help him beat Bec in a school essay contest. She's highly offended. Is this going to be the end of Marcello's friendship with the others?

Crash Zone s2 - Ep 7 - Basketball Diaries

Bec returns from America feeling cocky and full of herself. This becomes a liability when the others try to save Virgil who's escaped from Catalyst inside Mathew's laptop!

Crash Zone s2 - Ep 8 - Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Finally one of Marcello's schemes works! His "virtual band" is a huge hit on the Net! He becomes, on paper, a millionaire! But is it all it's cracked up to be?

Crash Zone s2 - Ep 9 - Sabretooth

Famous hacker "Sabretooth" steals Alex's new hologram game and Catalyst's future looks grim. When Marcello realises that Sabretooth is someone he knows, he's got difficult decisions to make.

Crash Zone s2 - Ep 10 - Walkabout

Virgil jumps inside a robotic body and runs away from Catalyst. The kids are frantic. How do they find him and convince him to return before Alex finds out he's gone?

Crash Zone s2 - Ep 11 - Men in Khaki

Army Intelligence raids the offices of Catalyst. They're after one thing; the Artificial Intelligence, Virgil! How can our heroes save Virgil from being conscripted?

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