This collection brings together innovators who can't be ignored; the people behind the scene, revolutionising front of stage, to the creatives in the spotlight pushing the boundaries of audience expectation.

Creatives - Rosemary Valadon: A Sensual World

Rosemary Valadon: A Sensual World looks at the art and influences of an a multi award-winning Australian painter whose work has reinterpreted a distinctly Australian femininity and domestic aesthetic.

Creatives - Roger Swainston: Drawn To Water

For six weeks every year Roger Swainston painstakingly produces detailed drawings of life beneath the sea. This documentary follows his process, exploring the line between art and science.

Creatives - Robert McFarlane: The Still Point

'Robert McFarlane: The Still Point' surveys the life's work of one of Australia's most respected and pioneering documentary photographers.