Croc College

Croc College

Croc College

Croc College follows 6 Australians as they learn how to handle, farm and manage the world's oldest and largest living reptile¬†‐¬†the saltwater crocodile. Croc College is the challenge of a lifetime and will change their lives forever.

Croc College - Episode 5

John teaches the students how to raid croc nests, and Lyn finally tells the others about her tragic secret. As the students graduate from Croc College, John announces who will go with him on the field trip to Kakadu.

Croc College - Episode 6

In the final episode of Croc College, John, Lyn and Luke arrive in the Northern Territory for the last stage of their course. For the first time there are no fences to hide behind. They travel to Arnhem Land by helicopter, and raid croc nests in the wild. It's nail-biting stuff; the grass is long and thick and the crocs are out there somewhere, guarding their eggs.

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