Have you ever wondered what a curator does? This series lifts the lid on the secretive world of exhibition making as five curators discuss their work and highlight one artwork deeply significant to them.

Curators - Simon Maidment: National Gallery Of Victoria

For Simon Maidment, Senior Curator of Contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Victoria, artist Brook Andrew's 'Vox Beyond Tasmania' has an inexhaustible power similar to that of many other great works of art.

Curators - Paola Balla: Australian Centre For Contemporary Art

For curator Paola Balla, Maree Clarke's 'Born of the Land' is a powerful video installation that recreates Indigenous cultural practice and resonates with a highly personal message about overcoming loss.

Curators - Mark Feary: Gertrude Contemporary

For Mark Feary, Director of Gertrude Contemporary, most public art is ill-considered and rarely engages with its audience. But he makes an exception when it comes to Ronnie Van Hout's towering robot sculpture 'DAYTON'.

Curators - Rebecca Coates: Shepparton Art Museum

For Rebecca Coates, Ben Quilty's ceramic jug 'Private Phil Butler' is an important addition to the Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) collection because it tells a personal story about war that resonates with the gallery's audience.

Curators - Patrice Sharkey: West Space

In 2016 Patrice Sharkey, Director of Melbourne's West Space, commissioned artist Lisa Radford to create an ambitious new work. The result was part-installation, part-theatre that challenged the way audiences engage with art.

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