Dancing Down Under

Dancing Down Under

Dancing Down Under

Dancing Down Under is an observational series that follows the amazing adventures of a group of young Australians as they vie for the winner's trophies in the extraordinary world of competitive Irish Dancing.

Dancing Down Under - The Comeback Kids

Australian champion Thommy disappointed at the Nationals but managed to qualify for the Worlds. It's his first time. Irish champion Richard is a natural born dancer but through injury and loss of focus has not done well in the last few years. Now they are both on the comeback trail. Thommy and his mum Beth have travelled together from Melbourne and Thommy has done his best to get over jet lag and nerves. On the morning of the competition Thommy has a personality change and may be finally finding his 'killer instinct'. Richard arrives with his family in tow and seems relaxed. After both boys dance their first dance they are surrounded by their fan clubs of girls and both seems happy with their performance. Thommy is aiming low since he's at his first World championships but Richard wants to get back up on the podium. All does not go well in the next dance and Richard looks like he may throw in the towel. For Thommy the pressure is on but by the end of the night, both boys are in for a surprise.

Dancing Down Under - Never Say Die

Australians Brent and Sarah have both sacrificed a lot to compete at the Worlds in Dublin. Brent moved to London to train with a well-known Irish teacher Aaron Crosby leaving his teacher and mother, Anna, his family and friends behind. He is determined to stand on the winner's podium and will do anything to get a World globe. Sarah had to overcome painful injury and trained hard to qualify for her first worlds. Although her mother and cousin are both champions, Sarah struggles to get to the World championship level. Although the results are not what they wished for Sarah does get her dream to dance on the World stage and Brent gets his dream to dance the best he can against the best in the world.

Dancing Down Under - The End Game

For Australians Carina and Colbee, and Irish dancer Emma, this 2011 World Championships may be the last time they dance on the World stage. Carina is training for a career in hairdressing, Colbee feels she is getting too old and Emma will be busy at university next year. Carina and her mum and teacher Cheryl give a splash of Gold Coast colour to the Irish championships when they arrive full of optimism. Colbee arrives from Belfast where she moved to train with a renowned Irish dancing teacher so as to give herself the best chance of doing well, and Emma lives only five minutes down the road with her family who are all performers. For each dancer this is a very special time and no one could predict how it all turns out. The question is will they come back again?

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