Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Kyanna lives in central Australian desert community with her Indigenous mother and extended family. Yuma has been brought up in the city with her well-off white father, stepmother and stepbrother. When the twins accidentally meet in Alice Springs, they not only find they have another half; they find they have another parent they didn't know about. And that's when the fun really starts...

Double Trouble - Mean Girls

Kyanna fears she's ruined her sister's chance to get into dance school, while her twin Yuma finds out about her mother and the secret of the waterhole.

Double Trouble - Lost in the Desert

Yuma manages to get lost in the desert, and reveals the truth to her cousin Iona about her twin sister Kyanna, who's suddenly dumped by Sasha as her dance partner.

Double Trouble - Alien Alert

Yuma gets involved in traditional dot painting, while in the city Heath sets out to prove his step sister Kyanna is in fact a memory wiped alien.

Double Trouble - Two Dollars

After Kyanna has a fight with Heath, the pair have to sort out a dispute between their mom and dad, while Aaron tries to lure twin Yuma away from a didgeridoo player by showing off his skill as a rapper.

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