Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Kyanna lives in central Australian desert community with her Indigenous mother and extended family. Yuma has been brought up in the city with her well-off white father, stepmother and stepbrother. When the twins accidentally meet in Alice Springs, they not only find they have another half; they find they have another parent they didn't know about. And that's when the fun really starts...

Double Trouble - Double Dancing

After Yuma passes her solo dance audition, the twins have to dance together in a duet before she can get into dance school, and in the process they blow Heath's mind.

Double Trouble - Going Home

After tearful farewells, Kyanna heads back to Alice Springs, but the twins remain determined to sort out the mystery of why they were separated at birth.

Double Trouble - Sand and Surf

Yuma's family heads to Alice Springs, so everybody is on hand when the mystery of the twins' separation at birth is solved, with explanations made, apologies given, tears shed, a dance by Yuma and Kyanna, and a screening of one of Aaron's home movies

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