Dream Build

Dream Build

Dream Build

A series about Aussies who have turned the dream of building their own home into a spectacular reality.


Dream Build - Ep 5 - Maleny

With spectacular views of the Glass House Mountains, the design of Maleny House was influenced by the philosophies of Zen and Japanese design. It is a beautiful house blending Asian aesthetics with an Australian touch.

Dream Build - Ep 6 - Castlecrag

The re-design of a 1940s family house in Sydney's historic suburb of Castlecrag, including recycling much of the original, creates a new home full of memories perfect for a family with four children.

Dream Build - Ep 7 -East Melbourne

A neglected inner-city Melbourne terrace house originally designed by the notable colonial architect Joseph Reid in 1856 is transformed with a brilliant blending of old and new, and the addition of an atrium.

Dream Build - Ep 8 - Smith House

Imagine a home that is shiny, sparkling, a bit sexy and good enough to take on your arm to the Logies, that's the Smith House - a 'trophy home' designed by Cassandra Fahey.

Dream Build - Ep 9 - Drew House

A sculptural holiday home on a Queensland surf beach near Agnes Water replicates many pleasurable teenage camping holidays but with a lot more luxury added!

Dream Build - Ep 10 - Brent Knoll

See how a very brave owner took her home from the 1800s to the 21st century. The result is a daring building that uses older materials in remarkable new ways.

Dream Build - Ep 11 - K House

K House has been globally recognised as one of the world's great modern beach houses. Sited on the Victorian surf coast the house has a shape derived from the 'K' of the owner's name - Kronberg.

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