Fashion Asia

Fashion Asia

Fashion Asia

With Margaret Zhang & Courtney Dober as hosts of Fashion ASIA, we take a look across Asia for the best in fashion, art and design.

Fashion Asia - Ep 3 - Tokyo

Margaret travels through Tokyo and stumbles across the colour and excitement of Harajuku, visits some of the city's unique retail spaces, with interviews from leading Japanese designers.

Fashion Asia - Ep 4 - Manila

With a mix of fashion festivals and intriguing local delicacies, Courtney discovers all that Manila has to offer. This intricate city tells stories of spirituality, fashion legends and delicious cupcakes. What more can one need?!

Fashion Asia - Ep 5 - Bangkok

Bangkok's playful nature, light and vibrant night life leads Margaret on an enchanting tour of this fashion forward city. From street markets to a collection of royal gowns, Margaret engages with Thai culture on all levels.

Fashion Asia - Ep 6 - Melbourne

Melbourne brings together a mix of vibrant laneways, serious cafe culture, the vivacious characters of the spring racing carnival and a melting pot of iconic designers. Both Margaret and Courtney take on this incredible city, each exploring a little piece of the fashion capital of Australia.

Fashion Asia - Ep 7 - New Delhi

Delhi really comes to life for Courtney as he in invited to play a part in Diwali, the festival of lights. Between savouring street food from around the city and taking time out to experience Indian tea rituals, Courtney tries his hand at printing homemade products, and experiences incredible halloween themed outfits in street style.

Fashion Asia - Ep 8 - Seoul

As an emerging fashion capital, Margaret gets to explore the very best of what Seoul has to offer. Catching up with fashion photographers, and visiting a jewellery museum are only starting points of what turns into an eye opening trip. With a brief introduction to K-pop, as well as a quick run around in a backyard playing with dolls, Seoul really does cater for everyone.

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