Fashpack: Freetown

Fashpack: Freetown

Fashpack: Freetown

Jo Dunlop, an aid worker/fashion blogger living in Sierra Leone, peels back the colourful layers of an unlikely fashion hotspot and looks at how creativity and self-expression have the power to transcend circumstances.

Fashpack: Freetown - Great Pretenders

For Freetown personalities, the Councillor and Great Hero, getting dressed in the morning is more than just putting on clothes. It's about playing a role. Jo looks at how their fashion choices have transformed their lives.

Fashpack: Freetown - Africana Friday

Forget casual Friday, busting out your best Africana outfit is how to wrap up the week in Freetown. Jo heads to the fabric markets and visits a hospital to look at the role Africana played during the Ebola crisis.

Fashpack: Freetown - Is God A Fashionista?

Jo delves into the wardrobes of some of Freetown's most devout worshippers, and explores the reasons behind Sierra Leone's refreshingly tolerant approach to religion.

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