A pair of unlikely friends - a dog and a flea - escape the dog pound for hair-raising and hilarious adventures in the big city and beyond. Flea-bitten! is cartoon comedy in the grand old tradition, with frantic chases slapstick hilarity and the nuttiest cast of recurring guest characters ever assembled - colourful canines, feral felines and bizarre bugs that inhabit this animal-centric world.

FleaBitten - Pounded

When Flea-bag loses his family he winds up in the dog pound. Now his only friend in the world is a Flea! The unlikely pair escape the pound embarking on a journey through the big city and beyond in a never ending search for a place called home.

FleaBitten - Flea About Town

Fresh out of the pound and with the dog catchers hot on their tails Flea-bag and Itch find themselves exploring the big city, but when a visit to Milton's Black sausage factory sends Itch. E into a spin it leaves Flea-bag all alone to search for his family. Without Itch. E's street smarts Flea-bag winds up in Wrongsville where he encounters some crooked cockroaches. Itch. E comes to the rescue but soon Itch is the one in trouble and Flea-bag has to choose between his new friend and his old family.

FleaBitten - Petting Zoo 4 Two

When Flea-bag is hungry, Itch. E is hungry, so when the pair stumble upon a children's petting zoo Itch. E. sees an opportunity that Flea-bag can't refuse! Free Food! But trying to convince a talent agent that a dog is a unicorn is a tough gig, especially when one pesky little kid only knows one word; Doggy!

FleaBitten - Dopple-Doggie

When Flea-bag lands a starring role alongside Uberhund, the world's most famous movie dog, he gets more than the black sausages he bargained for. While Flea-bag's performance is dynamite, turns out showbiz is a lot less glamorous than Flea-bag anticipated, in fact it's downright explosive! But with the world's most persuasive Flea as his agent, trying to break his contract will be Flea-bag's toughest gig yet.

FleaBitten - Worst In Show

When Flea-bag spots Fluffball its love at first sight, when Itch. E. Flea spots Fluffball its LOVE AND FIRST BITE! How can a flea-ridden mongrel like Flea-bag pick up a purebred like Fluffball? Itch. E's sure it's nothing a car wash, a hot wax and a Dog Show can't fix!

FleaBitten - Penthouse Poodle

When Itch. E Flea meets Fleavette its love at first bite, unfortunately Fleavette is heartbroken having lost her Poodle Fluffball. Luckily Flea-bag is in love with Fluffball and the two Fleas have a first class ticket aboard the love struck pup to Fluffball's penthouse. But first they'll have to get past Bonehead!

FleaBitten - No Flea is an Island

A ferocious storm leaves Itch. E stranded on Pond Island; with Flea-bag unable to dog paddle, he will have to get past Bonehead, the dock's guard dog to save his friend. On the island Itch. E meets Crazy Al, an ant farm escapee, marooned with his best pal Chuck, only thing is Chuck is a golf ball and Crazy Al is, well CRAZY! With famished frogs and crazy ants to contend with, Itch. E must quickly devise his own escape route before Crazy Al crowns him Queen of the Island!

FleaBitten - No Dog is an Island

After an attempted rescue effort goes wrong Flea-bag finds himself stranded on Pond Island, now he's the one in need of saving - but can a flea rescue a dog?! With ferocious fish, sticky frogs and crazy ants to contend with Itch. E will have to come up with more effective rescue plans than rafts, submarines and feathered arms!

FleaBitten - Lady and the Chump

When the Milton's Sausage heiress Clarice Milton adopts Flea-bag as her latest fashion accessory, Flea-bag and Itch suddenly find themselves living on easy street. But when the duo meets their new roommate Glamourpuss their endless supply of black sausage suddenly runs out!

FleaBitten - Dracubat

A storm cloud with attitude chases Flea-bag and Itch. E into a spooky mansion where they meet Barry the Bat. Barry welcomes the adventurous duo with arms (and jaws) wide open. But when they discover Barry's appetite is bigger than Itch. E's the pair need to devise an escape plan; after all Flea-bag can only handle one parasite in his life!

FleaBitten - Robo-Romance

When Flea-bag finds Fluffball, the love of his life for sale in a toy store, he makes it his mission to free her. But Flea-bag may have got his wires crossed, because when Itch. E tries to chow down on the French poodle he is hit by about 20,000 volts!

FleaBitten - Little Top Itch. E

It's been Itch. E's dream to run away and join the Flea Circus ever since he was an egg - the only thing is he doesn't have any talent, luckily he has Flea-bag. Every dog has fleas -- but a flea with a dog? Now that's entertainment! However, Flea-go the Strong Flea is not keen on sharing the spotlight!

FleaBitten - Astromutt

When Flea-bag inadvertently completes a complex doggy obstacle course he finds himself joining the Dog's in Space Program. But Uberhund is determined to be the only passenger aboard the Vomit Comet. Meanwhile Olga, the pushy super female flea, develops an eye for Itch. E - but Itch. E is too young to multiply!

FleaBitten - Sewer Tour

When Flea-bag and Itch. E fall down an open sewer - they find themselves in an underground world of fearful mice; but is Flea-bag the hero they've been waiting for? Suddenly Flea-bag finds himself facing off with an old foe in need of a makeover!

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