A pair of unlikely friends - a dog and a flea - escape the dog pound for hair-raising and hilarious adventures in the big city and beyond. Flea-bitten! is cartoon comedy in the grand old tradition, with frantic chases slapstick hilarity and the nuttiest cast of recurring guest characters ever assembled - colourful canines, feral felines and bizarre bugs that inhabit this animal-centric world.

FleaBitten - Lady and the Chump

When the Milton's Sausage heiress Clarice Milton adopts Flea-bag as her latest fashion accessory, Flea-bag and Itch suddenly find themselves living on easy street. But when the duo meets their new roommate Glamourpuss their endless supply of black sausage suddenly runs out!

FleaBitten - Dracubat

A storm cloud with attitude chases Flea-bag and Itch. E into a spooky mansion where they meet Barry the Bat. Barry welcomes the adventurous duo with arms (and jaws) wide open. But when they discover Barry's appetite is bigger than Itch. E's the pair need to devise an escape plan; after all Flea-bag can only handle one parasite in his life!

FleaBitten - Robo-Romance

When Flea-bag finds Fluffball, the love of his life for sale in a toy store, he makes it his mission to free her. But Flea-bag may have got his wires crossed, because when Itch. E tries to chow down on the French poodle he is hit by about 20,000 volts!

FleaBitten - Little Top Itch. E

It's been Itch. E's dream to run away and join the Flea Circus ever since he was an egg - the only thing is he doesn't have any talent, luckily he has Flea-bag. Every dog has fleas -- but a flea with a dog? Now that's entertainment! However, Flea-go the Strong Flea is not keen on sharing the spotlight!

FleaBitten - Astromutt

When Flea-bag inadvertently completes a complex doggy obstacle course he finds himself joining the Dog's in Space Program. But Uberhund is determined to be the only passenger aboard the Vomit Comet. Meanwhile Olga, the pushy super female flea, develops an eye for Itch. E - but Itch. E is too young to multiply!

FleaBitten - Sewer Tour

When Flea-bag and Itch. E fall down an open sewer - they find themselves in an underground world of fearful mice; but is Flea-bag the hero they've been waiting for? Suddenly Flea-bag finds himself facing off with an old foe in need of a makeover!

FleaBitten - Monstrosi-Flea

Flea-bag finds Itch. E draining when scientists enlarge the flea to human sized proportions, and Werner gives Flea-bag an earache when he is shrunk to the size of a flea! Maybe they shouldn't have done business with a foe called Dirty Rat!?

FleaBitten - Monstrosi-Mutt!

When Flea-bag tries to return a humongous Itch. E Flea to his actual size he inadvertently swallows Werner's re-sizer ray! Now Flea-bag is ten times the size of giant Itch E! At least Itch. E and Werner can fit in Flea-bag's ear again and direct him to victory against an enormous, flaming fur-ball spitting, Catzilla!

FleaBitten - Flea-Minator

Bonehead has his sight set on Flea-bag, Flea-bag has his sights set on Fluffball, Itch. E has his sights set on black sausage and the Flea-minator has his sights set on EVERYTHING!

FleaBitten - Robo-Rampage

When Dirty Rat finds himself trapped inside a giant flea robot they go on a ratty-robo-rampage! Flea-bag and Itch employ the help of the Rat Pack: Frank, Sammy and Dino, if only Frank would stop hibernating before card night is ruined!

FleaBitten - Family Flea-Union

In an attempt to help Itch. E find his family Flea-bag broadcast a Flea-TV advertisement inviting all Itch. E's relatives to a free-food fest, problem is almost all fleas are related in one way or another and Flea-bag didn't really consider what's on the menu!

FleaBitten - Flea of the Family

When Itch. E is watching his favourite gangster movie in Flea-bag's head, Flea-bag becomes hypnotized into thinking he is the Dogfather! Armed with a new personality Flea-bag takes over Dirty Rat's alley in the name of "the family". Soon Itch. E is sharing his earpartment with new family members, but Itch doesn't want share his home with Cockroaches!

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