A pair of unlikely friends - a dog and a flea - escape the dog pound for hair-raising and hilarious adventures in the big city and beyond. Flea-bitten! is cartoon comedy in the grand old tradition, with frantic chases slapstick hilarity and the nuttiest cast of recurring guest characters ever assembled - colourful canines, feral felines and bizarre bugs that inhabit this animal-centric world.

FleaBitten - You Betcha

When Itch. E loses Flea-bag in a race against the Rat Pack all bets are on! Suddenly Flea-bag finds himself as The Rat Pack's resident butler, pony, pig and goat! But when the The Rat Pack loses a card game to Dirty Rat they lose Flea-bag - again! Luckily Itch takes up a hobby that could save them both!

FleaBitten - Ready, Yeti Go!

Flea-bag loses his beloved old sneaker on top of a mountain of garbage and Itch. E can still smell it! Barking Mad offers to take them to the summit and retrieve Flea-bag's precious shoe, but they encounter the mysterious Junkyard-Yeti on the way who is determined to stop them from reaching the top!

FleaBitten - House of the Future

Flea-bag finds the missing sneaker, the one that goes with the one he's been carrying around since he lost his family, which means he must be home! Only thing is this home seems a little strange... in fact Mummy is down-right robo-nutso and she doesn't like fleas!

FleaBitten - Home Truths

Flea-bag finally finds his long lost home - but then Itch. E discovers family life and fleas don't mix! Faced with frequent baths and flea-powder, he hops it and heads back to the Pound. Neither of the pair's new lives goes as expected though, until they finally realise it's not where you are but who you're with that really makes a home.

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