A pair of unlikely friends - a dog and a flea - escape the dog pound for hair-raising and hilarious adventures in the big city and beyond. Flea-bitten! is cartoon comedy in the grand old tradition, with frantic chases slapstick hilarity and the nuttiest cast of recurring guest characters ever assembled - colourful canines, feral felines and bizarre bugs that inhabit this animal-centric world.

FleaBitten - Remembrance of Flea-Bag's Past

Flea-bag has lost his memory and forgotten his lifelong arrangement with Itch E! So Itch. E quickly takes Flea-bag on a trip down memory before he loses his meal ticket. But all the reminiscing only brings back painful memories for Bonehead and Uberhund!

FleaBitten - Trapped in the Junkyard

Itch. E desperately needs a new TV antenna before his favourite TV show starts so he, and Flea-bag venture off to the junkyard. They find the antenna they need only problem is it is attached to Barking Mad's anti-alien remote control and he's got a thing for magnets...

FleaBitten - Flea-Bag vs The Flying Saucers

Flea-bag catches a Frisbee that turns out to be an alien spacecraft! But while Flea-bag is saving the earth from imminent destruction, Itch. E is watching an old sci-fi movie - which looks suspiciously like the alien fleet that's chasing Flea-bag!

FleaBitten - Toys will be Toys

When Flea-bag follows his missing family into a Toy Store he gets lost and locked in overnight, but he's not the only one, a crew of Cat burglars descend upon the store in search of the Elasto-Rat! Itch. E has to decide between his weekly card game or saving Flea-bag!

FleaBitten - The Wrong Paw of Law

Flea-bag becomes a police dog, but when Bonehead's your partner it's hard trying to separate the good guys from the bad guys! Meanwhile Itch. E is on the wrong paw of the law, trying to pull off a black sausage heist, but the REAL crooks are getting away!

FleaBitten - Super Sausage!

Flea-bag and Itch E. discover a super-sausage in Werner's science lab, but is it really the best of the wurst!? It has an amazing flavour but some uncouth side effects and Itch has to take a journey to Flea-bag's "inner" space to retrieve Werner's formula.

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