Food Safari

Food Safari

Food Safari

Maeve O'Meara visits a different cuisine each week, taking you into kitchens and restaurants across Australia.

Food Safari s1 - Ep 1 - Moroccan

Food Safari journeys into the beguiling, gently spiced world of Moroccan food and meets a range of top chefs and home cooks who are passionate about their delicious cuisine.

Food Safari s1 - Ep 2 - Malaysian

Food Safari journeys into the intense and spicy world of Malaysian food whose devotees will cross oceans for the best laksa, roti and Malaysian curry.

Food Safari s1 - Ep 3 - Portuguese

Food Safari plunges into the fiery, passionate world of Portuguese food where all the best food has a close relationship with fire, including the now famous Portuguese charcoal chicken.

Food Safari s1 - Ep 4 - Greek

Food Safari journeys into the warm, welcoming, delicious world of Greek food where "I'm not hungry" is never an excuse not to try something. We find out what olive oil is best, and how to pick a the perfect fetta cheese.

Food Safari s1 - Ep 5 - Vietnamese

Food Safari journeys into the fresh, healthy and delicious world of Vietnamese food to savour dishes that are not only balanced in flavour, but good for the body and the soul.

Food Safari s1 - Ep 6 - Indian

Food Safari journeys into the colourful, spicy and vibrant world of Indian food and learns how to make some fabulous 10 minute dishes as well as the secrets of making great curries.

Food Safari s1 - Ep 7 - Chinese

Food Safari plunges into the intricate, balanced, and thoughtful world of Chinese food where flavour and fresh seasonal produce reign supreme. We see some of the behind the scenes secrets to a good stir fry, and become an expert at ordering yum cha.

Food Safari s1 - Ep 8 - Italian

Food Safari takes you into the world of the people who taught us how to drink coffee and appreciate good olive oil; those who showed us the simple deliciousness of pizza and pasta: the fabulous Italians.

Food Safari s1 - Ep 9 - Thai

Food Safari enters the fresh, clean world of Thai food where the flavours are intense and yet balanced to create harmony for the palate. This episode shows you the correct way to stir-fry chicken and basil; how the mung bean sweets loved by Thais are made, and how to make your own coconut milk.

Food Safari s1 - Ep 10 - Lebanese

Food Safari goes in search of the fresh green flavours of Lebanese food. Host Maeve O'Meara finds fresh parsley being chopped for use in falafel, the delicious fried snacks made from chick peas that go so well with creamy hommous, and smokey eggplant dip - baba ghanouj.

Food Safari s1 - Ep 11 - Mexican

We see some of the top ingredients needed for the Mexican kitchen - from chillies both dried and fresh.

Food Safari s1 - Ep 12 - Turkish

While kebabs and Turkish delight are well known, some of the amazing array of vegetable dishes, salads, dips and marinated meats of Turkish foods are yet to be discovered.

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