Food Safari

Food Safari

Food Safari

Maeve O'Meara visits a different cuisine each week, taking you into kitchens and restaurants across Australia.

Food Safari s1 - Ep 3 - Portuguese

Food Safari plunges into the fiery, passionate world of Portuguese food where all the best food has a close relationship with fire, including the now famous Portuguese charcoal chicken.

Food Safari s1 - Ep 4 - Greek

Food Safari journeys into the warm, welcoming, delicious world of Greek food where "I'm not hungry" is never an excuse not to try something. We find out what olive oil is best, and how to pick a the perfect fetta cheese.

Food Safari s1 - Ep 5 - Vietnamese

Food Safari journeys into the fresh, healthy and delicious world of Vietnamese food to savour dishes that are not only balanced in flavour, but good for the body and the soul.

Food Safari s1 - Ep 6 - Indian

Food Safari journeys into the colourful, spicy and vibrant world of Indian food and learns how to make some fabulous 10 minute dishes as well as the secrets of making great curries.

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