Food Safari

Food Safari

Food Safari

This series of Food Safari is a delicious journey featuring some of the best food on earth as we travel the culinary "road less travelled" with cuisines ranging from Lao to Cypriot, Danish to South African, plus Australia's own Creole cuisines in Broome and Darwin.

Food Safari s4 - Ep 1 - Darwin

Food Safari explores the diverse culinary influences of Australia's Top End - from Chinese inspired fresh mud crab steamed with Chinese Rice wine to barramundi cooked in "bush alfoil" (paperbark) on a perfect beach, a Greek Sunday lunch to a Thai feast.

Food Safari s4 - Ep 2 - Peruvian

From the Andes to the ocean, the food of Peru is seen as the best in South America and tonight Food Safari explores the many influences that have created some key dishes including roast alpaca, the ground oven feast pacha manca, some of the world's best chips and creamy caramel desserts.

Food Safari s4 - Ep 3 - Cypriot

From this beautiful island in the Mediterranean come some rustic dishes from both Greek and Turkish backgrounds that are distinct and found only in Cyprus. Delicious meats are cooked over coals including sheftalia and loukaniko sausages, the Cypriot vine leaves called koupepia, the crunchy on the outside bulgur kofta filled with spiced lamb, right through to a delicious syrup cake that translates as "the good thing" - kalo prama.

Food Safari s4 - Ep 4 - Filipino

Filipino food, with its strong emphasis on salty, sweet and sour flavours is an exciting mix of Spanish, Malaysian, Chinese and even American influences that come together in many dishes including the roast pork or lechon; the national dish adobo, many great noodle dishes and the iced dessert of many interesting textures and flavours, halo halo.

Food Safari s4 - Ep 5 - South African

Food Safari explores the many cuisines that are part of South Africa's culinary landscape - the "rainbow nation" includes Xhosa dishes like umnqusho (white corn and beans), flavourful Cape Malay curries, Durban street food and the beloved Afrikaaner Braai.

Food Safari s4 - Ep 6 - Laotian

Food Safari explores the many fresh herbs and vegetables used in Lao cuisine, and the special cooking pots and techniques. We savour grilled ox tongue, a fresh papaya salad, delicious beef larb and the next new thing - Lao laksa or khao pun noodle soup.

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