Foreign Correspondent

Foreign Correspondent

Foreign Correspondent

Australia's leading international affairs program featuring fascinating, in-depth stories from the ABC's unrivalled network of foreign correspondents. #ForeignCorrespondent

Foreign Correspondent - Indonesia: Life Inside Kerobokan

A Foreign Correspondent exclusive: Unprecedented access inside Bali's notorious Kerobokan jail. #ForeignCorrespondent

Foreign Correspondent - Space Invaders

A new space race is on, as tech companies rush to launch thousands of tiny satellites that will tell us more about what's happening on our planet than ever before. But will the information be used for good, or for harm? #ForeignCorrespondent

Foreign Correspondent - Estonia: We're Going On A Bear Hunt

Tiny Estonia is digging in against potential attacks from its giant neighbour Russia. And it's employing defences far more creative than guns and boots on the ground. Eric Campbell reports. #ForeignCorrespondent

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