Foreign Correspondent

Foreign Correspondent

Foreign Correspondent

Australia's leading international affairs program featuring fascinating, in-depth stories from the ABC's unrivalled network of foreign correspondents. #ForeignCorrespondent

Foreign Correspondent - Peru: It Doesn't Happen To People Like Me

Thousands of travellers, many of them young Australians, are flocking to the Amazon to chase the highs of the ayahuasca plant. Tragically, some never return. Hamish Macdonald investigates. #ForeignCorrespondent (Return)

Foreign Correspondent - Venezuela: Undercover

It's got more oil than any country on the planet but its people eat garbage and gangsters rule. Defying a media ban, Eric Campbell goes undercover in the onetime socialist idyll of Venezuela.

Foreign Correspondent - India: Line In The Sand

India's building boom has spawned a "sand mafia" that is plundering the environment and even killing those who get in its way. But as Samantha Hawley reports, some people refuse to be intimidated. #ForeignCorrespondent

Foreign Correspondent - China: The Big Goal

China is executing a masterplan to dominate world football, pumping billions of dollars into buying foreign players, coaches & entire European clubs & grooming new generations of its own young stars. #ForeignCorrespondent

Foreign Correspondent - USA: Resist!

It's famed as the city of peace and love, but San Francisco is digging in for a fight over President Trump's order to expel millions of undocumented migrants. Stephanie March reports.

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