Gourmet Farmer Series 2

Gourmet Farmer Series 2

Gourmet Farmer Series 2

It's time for food critic turned farmer Matthew Evans to get serious about bringing home the bacon.

Gourmet Farmer s2 - Ep 1 - Pig Farming

Matthew has gone from single guy to family man so it's time to get serious about bringing home the bacon. To grow his pig business, he needs to build infrastructure on the farm to cope with extra pigs, and find new ways to sell his pork products.

Gourmet Farmer s2 - Ep 2 - Long Table Lunches

Matthew has a new business idea. With Nick and Ross, Matthew brainstorms an idea for Long Table Lunches, where the three of them will create multiple course menus from produce sourced exclusively from the local area.

Gourmet Farmer s2 - Ep 3 - Beer

Matthew starts to get hard core with his locavore philosophy and decides to make his own beer. Unfortunately, he is interrupted when he finds out his beloved cow Daisy has fallen ill after giving birth to a calf.

Gourmet Farmer s2 - Ep 4 - Gone Kayaking

Matthew reckons he's earned a break from the farm and heads off on a kayaking adventure. They pack nothing but 2 minute noodles, as the Picton River is sure to supply a bounty of fish. Alas, the fish prove to be totally absent.

Gourmet Farmer s2 - Ep 5 - Chinese New Year

Matthew receives a request from John Jovanovic, a Serbian man, for a suckling pig to be served at a Sino Serbian New Years Feast. Matthew's discovers that his customer is married to a Chinese woman, and they decide to host their own CNY dinner.

Gourmet Farmer s2 - Ep 6 - A Burgeoning Empire

Matthew and Ross start a stall at a new farmer's market where you can only sell what you grow or source from providores who don't have the means to sell their own product.

Gourmet Farmer s2 - Ep 7 - Flinders Island

Matthew, Nick and Ross take their long table lunches business to a new level when they host a lunch on Flinders Island, bringing nothing with them other than salt, pepper and olive oil.

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