Great Southern Land

Great Southern Land

Great Southern Land

In GREAT SOUTHERN LAND professor Steve Simpson takes viewers on a unique journey across Australia, looking at our mysterious island continent from a truly revealing perspective - above. As we take to the skies with Steve we uncover the otherwise hidden patterns, networks and systems that keep us on the move, fed, alive and thriving.

Great Southern Land - Ep 3 - On The Move

From above, the Melbourne Cup, the AFL Grand Final and morning gridlock, Prof. Steve Simpson reveals the mass migrations we make across our sprawling land - pushing our transport and communications systems to breaking point.

Great Southern Land - Ep 4 - Living On The Edge

The story of how we live where we live in the world's largest island nation... Australia. From ultra lights, water planes and hang-gliders, Prof. Steve Simpson gains a unique view on Australia's sprawling lives and what it takes to make them work.

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