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Gruen the show that lifts the lid on advertising, spin and marketing. Join host Wil Anderson, stalwarts Todd Sampson and Russel Howcroft and other advertising industry experts to unpick the ways we're all bought and sold.

Gruen - Episode 2

This week the panel looks at the rise of one brand, & the fall of another; controversial car-sharing app Uber; & cheating website Ashley Madison. Can an ad agency convince us we need a home grown royal family? #Gruen

Gruen - Episode 3

Brands love to be loved, but the far stranger phenomenon is when people really love brands. Enter Aldi. How does an airline advertise? Can two agencies convince us that the great Australian dream is NOT owning a home? #Gruen

Gruen - Episode 4

As he tours the USA, Gruen looks at Pope Francis as a brand, & all the brands who are cashing in on him; the stuffed-crust pizza wars; & a pitch to restore our faith in politicians, from the next generation of creatives.

Gruen - Episode 5

Gruen examines the ad breaks in the footy grand finals. Who exactly is being sold to and what's the value of being a major sponsor? Plus ad agency DDB takes the competition in house in a pitch challenge to ban divorce. #Gruen

Gruen - Episode 6

The team deconstructs the latest advertising trend: anti-advertising. And they take a look at the communication around the issue of domestic and family violence including a recent ad targeted at teens. #Gruen

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