Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger is a contemporary snapshot of the people of Australia. We talk to people in the street, then follow one story home. It turns out that we are more complex, remarkable and much stranger than you've ever imagined.

Hello Stranger - The Darkest Spray Tan On The Gold Coast

Hello Stranger follows Kurt Coleman, who makes a living taking photos of himself as a social media celebrity.

Hello Stranger - The Age Of Innocence

Hello Stranger follows Lorraine Dooley as she teaches a group of suburban girls how to be ladies, "for at least one night".

Hello Stranger - The Smell Of Speed

Hello Stranger follows petrol-head Kyle Pfitzner as he faces engine failure the night before a high-speed dinghy race in SA.

Hello Stranger - Pregnant And 300km From Hospital

Hello Stranger follows Kim Henschke, a midwife in Arnhem Land, who guides women through pregnancy 300km from hospital.

Hello Stranger - Copping A Spray

Hello Stranger follows Anthony Lister, an artist, who must go to his hometown and face charges that could land him in jail.

Hello Stranger - She Makes Them Bleed

Hello Stranger follows Jessy Jess, a cage fighter, who struggles to make ends meet and remain the best.

Hello Stranger - Firearms And Ferals

Hello Stranger follows Yinimala Gumana, a ranger in Arnhem Land, who protects his home land by eradicating water buffalo.

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