Young regional Australians telling it like it is and making a difference.

Heywire - Ep 5 - Fitini Maulidi - Sisters Reunited

When Fitina and her family fled war in the Congo for the safety of Shepparton, they were separated from her twin sister Neema.

Heywire - Ep 6 - Jessica Phelan - Female AFL Umpire

Every weekend in dry season, Jessica is one of the only female umpires in the Top End football league.

Heywire - Ep 7 - Kelly Phan - Culture & Diversity

Following protests against a planned mosque in Bendigo, Kelly reflects on how important diversity is to the town she loves.

Heywire - Ep 8 - Kira Bolitho - Mental Health

After moving to outback Kalgoorlie, Kira's mental health spiralled downwards. But then she discovered a little local theatre.

Heywire - Ep 9 - Olivia Alldrick - Family Diversity

Heywire winner Olivia Alldrick is from Tapitalle, NSW. Olivia was adopted into a diverse family on the NSW coast, with four nationalities and three religions between them.

Heywire - Ep 10 - Richard Barber - AFL Dream

Richard moved to Melbourne from the Torres Strait to pursue his dreams of playing AFL. But it's a long way from his family.

Heywire - Ep 11 - Sanjey Sureshkumar - Study & AFL

When he came to Australia to study, Sanjey fell in love with Aussie Rules and Australia's have-a-go attitude to sport.

Heywire - Ep 12 - Victoria Acuna - Chronic Fatigue

Heywire winner Victoria Acuna is from Berriedale, TAS. Victoria lives with endometriosis and chronic fatigue. There are so many things no one told her about living with chronic illness.

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