The charming but not particularly hip Samuel Johnson embarks on a global odyssey to unearth the origins of the "hipster" stereotype. Problem is, no hipster ever wants to admit to being one.

Hipsters - Ep 1- What is a hipster?

Self-confessed dag Samuel Johnson embarks on the first (skinny) leg of his global odyssey to unearth what it really means to be a hipster - assuming it means anything at all.

Hipsters - Ep 2- Fix me a snack

Samuel Johnson pedals deeper into the hipster world with an investigation of their ride of choice - the fixed gear bike.

Hipsters - Ep 3- Here come the hipsterpreneurs

Samuel Johnson investigates the meaning of the term "hipsterpreneur": savvy exploiter of trends? Cool kid who got lucky? A combination of both? Either way, they make good coffee...

Hipsters - Ep 4- The Future's behind us

Samuel Johnson takes a misty-eyed look into the past hoping to uncover the reason why hipsters love things that taste, look and feel old.

Hipsters - Ep 5- Tokyo retro fomo

Sam's exploration of the hipsters' love of retro takes him on a Tokyo time-warp where he meets some people who don't simply love retro - they live it.

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