Home and Away

Home and Away

Home and Away

Examines the lives, loves, drama and heartache of the residents of Summer Bay.

Home and Away - Episode 6566

Decker's life hangs in the balance. Olivia's feelings towards Mason grow. A USB may hold the key to ending the Morgans nightmare.

Home and Away - Episode 6567

Justin and Kat put their lives on the line trying to find out if Ranae's part of the syndicate. The Morgans continue to process Decker's death. Hunter inadvertently pushes Olivia towards Mason.

Home and Away - Episode 6568

Ranae pursues the Morgans. Justin makes a risky call that could put all their lives in danger. Zac and Bianca bond... will they cross a line?

Home and Away - Episode 6569

Heath struggles when Bianca admits she nearly kissed another man. Zac doesn't know if he should tell Leah the truth of the near kiss with Bianca. Evelyn's scared to move things forward with Matt. VJ, Ash and Billie are uncomfortable keeping Leah in the dark about Billie's baby.

Home and Away - Episode 6570

Examines the lives, loves, drama and heartache of the residents of Summer Bay.

Home and Away - Episode 6571

The trial against the Syndicate begins. Billie's web of lies begins to tangle. Heath starts hanging with the wrong crowd again.

Home and Away - Episode 6572

The Morgan's are free at last. Justin may have lost what he wanted all along. Raffy struggles to prepare a eulogy.

Home and Away - Episode 6573

Summer Bay finally learns the Morgans' secret. Nate struggles to come to terms with Tori's lies. Salt gets trashed.

Home and Away - Episode 6574

Evelyn's fears threaten to destroy her chance at love. A teenage love triangle spells trouble at the formal. Olivia is forced to question who she wants to be with.

Home and Away - Episode 6575

Mason punches Hunter. Heath and Bianca break the cycle. Ash wants to find Billie's attacker.

Home and Away - Episode 6576

Ash and Kat clash over the garage investigation. The Morgans band together to help Raffy through Decker's funeral. Another fire breaks out in the Bay.

Home and Away - Episode 6577

Justin fights to be in his daughter's life again. Kat struggles to find a link between the recent local fires. Nate has second thoughts about Tori who prepares to move on with her life.

Home and Away - Episode 6578

Billie's world is rocked by news of Mick's release. Tori is kidnapped. Evelyn grows frustrated with Phoebe.

Home and Away - Episode 6579

Festival fun begins!. Justin is horrified to learn Ranae has Tori. The arsonist prepares to strike again.

Home and Away - Episode 6580

One of the Morgans is left clinging to life. VJ and Billie struggle to find common ground...until her waters break. A bushfire threatens to engulf the entire festival. An unwelcome visitor returns to the Bay.

Home and Away - Episode 6581

A bushfire terrorises the Summer Grooves festival. Justin's life is on the line. Billie's labour begins - but will she escape the bushfire?

Home and Away - Episode 6582

Billie gives birth but is the danger past? Tori is rocked by a blast from the past - a mysterious new surgeon. Mick is back in town. Is Irene in danger?

Home and Away - Episode 6583

Mick terrorises Irene. Tori reveals the truth about Riley.Alf and John search for Marilyn.

Home and Away - Episode 6584

John tries to hide the extent of Marilyn's burns from her. Heath and Bianca have a secret. Justin wakes up in hopstial... alone.

Home and Away - Episode 6585

Bianca's pregnancy fears flare. Ash has come back to Summer Bay on a mission. Olivia goes overboard to be the best girlfriend ever.

Home and Away - Episode 6586

Zac and Leah clash over Hunter. Justin is demanded patient. Kat searches for the arsonist.

Home and Away - Episode 6587

Bianca and Heath leave Summer Bay. Zac and Leah deal with the fallout of Bianca's kiss. Mick confronts Irene.

Home and Away - Episode 6588

The truth about Luc's paternity is revealed. Marilyn receives terrible news. Will baby Luc be okay?

Home and Away - Episode 6589

Justin's neediness becomes too much. Mason gives Hunter some unwanted advice. Riley searches for answers about Tori.

Home and Away - Episode 6590

Justin is furious about Riley's arrival in town. Evelyn helps Kat's investigation. Tori has to choose between Nate and Riley.

Home and Away - Episode 6591

Justin plans a special dinner to make things up to Phoebe and has a gift for her - a ring box. Justin collapses while setting up for the dinner. Tori finds Justin unconscious - will he survive?

Home and Away - Episode 6592

Justin suffers post-operative complications. John struggles to care for Marilyn at home. Tori gets a second chance with Nate but Riley's not going down without a fight.

Home and Away - Episode 6593

VJ and Billie are at loggerheads with each other. Phoebe's horrified to discover Justin's secret intentions. Is the Summer Bay arsonist one of our own?

Home and Away - Episode 6594

Zac is channelling his frustrations into exercise by running on the beach. Leah is resentful of the amount of time she is spending apart from Luc. Evelyn and Matt are enjoying their new relationship, much to Ellie's disgust.

Home and Away - Episode 6595

Hunter's heartbroken when he witnesses the growing bond between Mason and Olivia. Marilyn struggles with anxiety about her burns scars. Leah learns that Zac has been keeping a dangerous secret. Luc's baby blessing ends in tragedy.

Home and Away - Episode 6596

A medical emergency has devastating consequences. Hurt by Nate, Tori finds herself warming to Riley. Tension continues between Zac and Leah over Sam appearing in the Bay.

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