Home and Away

Home and Away

Home and Away

Examines the lives, loves, drama and heartache of the residents of Summer Bay.

Home and Away - Episode 6591

Justin plans a special dinner to make things up to Phoebe and has a gift for her - a ring box. Justin collapses while setting up for the dinner. Tori finds Justin unconscious - will he survive?

Home and Away - Episode 6592

Justin suffers post-operative complications. John struggles to care for Marilyn at home. Tori gets a second chance with Nate but Riley's not going down without a fight.

Home and Away - Episode 6593

VJ and Billie are at loggerheads with each other. Phoebe's horrified to discover Justin's secret intentions. Is the Summer Bay arsonist one of our own?

Home and Away - Episode 6594

Zac is channelling his frustrations into exercise by running on the beach. Leah is resentful of the amount of time she is spending apart from Luc. Evelyn and Matt are enjoying their new relationship, much to Ellie's disgust.

Home and Away - Episode 6595

Hunter's heartbroken when he witnesses the growing bond between Mason and Olivia. Marilyn struggles with anxiety about her burns scars. Leah learns that Zac has been keeping a dangerous secret. Luc's baby blessing ends in tragedy.

Home and Away - Episode 6596

A medical emergency has devastating consequences. Hurt by Nate, Tori finds herself warming to Riley. Tension continues between Zac and Leah over Sam appearing in the Bay.

Home and Away - Episode 6597

Summer Bay is rocked by the worst possible news. A surprise wedding in the midst of tragedy. Leah remains angry with Zac.

Home and Away - Episode 6598

Back at the hospital, everyone is frantic trying to find Billie. Ash is especially desperate to find his sister. VJ arrives. Ash and Leah question Billie's whereabouts but his silence speaks volumes. She's gone. Meanwhile, John breaks the same news to Alf and Marilyn.

Home and Away - Episode 6599

Justin finds Phoebe on the beach, silently grieving near the monument left for Billie. Olivia is visiting Marilyn and both discuss Billie's death. Marilyn is leaving messages for VJ over the phone. She's feeling useless however, wishing she could do more.

Home and Away - Episode 6600

Hunter inadvertently gets between Mason and Olivia. Justin fears he will never see his daughter again. Tori takes control of her date with Riley. Is the serial arsonist about to strike again?

Home and Away - Episode 6601

Kat discovers that the arsonist is John. Phoebe and Justin finally manage to contact Nina. John's symptoms worsen until he finally succumbs to his condition.

Home and Away - Episode 6602

Hostilities reignite between Ash and VJ, and an explosive secret is revealed. Marilyn buckles as John's fate hangs in the balance. Justin faces the toughest decision of his life.

Home and Away - Episode 6603

Billie's nearest and dearest come together for a very special send-off. John and Marilyn are devastated as the truth of the Summer Bay firebug explodes. Zac and Leah's marital woes only grow deeper as Zac crosses a line.

Home and Away - Episode 6604

Zac and Leah's marriage is in trouble when Zac forsakes their vows. Tori grapples with Riley's cheating past. Matt is pressured to leave the Bay when Evie gets an amazing opportunity.

Home and Away - Episode 6605

Tori has to decide whether or not to leave her family behind to move to the city with Riley.Olivia must find the courage to be honest with herself and Mason about any lingering feelings for Hunter. Alf tells a distant Irene Baby Luc needs his grandmother.

Home and Away - Episode 6606

John can't live with his guilt. Tori finally sees the real Riley. Phoebe and Justin takes things to the next level.

Home and Away - Episode 6607

Ash and Leah clash over care of baby Luc. Justin's plan for Phoebe to move in meets subterfuge and interference. John's life hangs in the balance after major surgery.

Home and Away - Episode 6608

Zac's guilt eats away at his relationship with Leah. Leah and VJ must decide if they will let Ash and Irene help out with Luc. A loyal Marilyn is shocked when John tells her he might not fight the arson charges.

Home and Away - Episode 6609

Zac and Leah's marriage deteriorates further. The start of university worries Olivia. Will Matt go to Vietnam with Evie?

Home and Away - Episode 6610

Can Hunter and Olivia's relationship survive O Week? Someone has a crush on Mason. Ash is seeking solace in Kat's bed, when he receives shocking news about his brother .Ellie throws a spanner in Matt and Evie's Vietnam dream.

Home and Away - Episode 6611

Is Ash's brother Luke still alive? VJ struggles to look after Luc by himself. Will Summer Bay forgive John, and will he be able to forgive himself?

Home and Away - Episode 6612

Kat tries to get Ash to give his brother a chance. John drops a devastating bomb on Marilyn. A struggling VJ is reluctant to ask for help with Luc.

Home and Away - Episode 6613

VJ forgives John for his role in Billie's death. Marilyn and John are a team again. Irene and Leah continue to clash re: looking after Luc. Mason asks Lena out on a date - uni night at Salt. Brody discovers Mason's friends are using drugs at Salt.

Home and Away - Episode 6614

Will Brody be sucked in by Lena's charms? Evelyn and Matt make a life changing decision. Will Justin and Phoebe have the shortest cohabition in history?

Home and Away - Episode 6615

Phoebe and Justin play matchmaker for Nate and Tori. Justin shocks Phoebe with a big question. Hunter finds a way to spend more time with Olivia.Can Evelyn and Matt convince Ellie to go to Vietnam?

Home and Away - Episode 6616

Could Justin's proposal have ruined his relationship with Phoebe for good? VJ questions his parenting abilities. Leah and Irene question Olivia and Hunter's decision to move out together.

Home and Away - Episode 6617

Can Justin and Phoebe fix their relationship? Irene makes a generous offer to stressed out Leah and VJ. Olivia and Hunter run into some obstacles in their hunt for a house.

Home and Away - Episode 6618

Old friends are torn apart by their love for Luc. Ash isn't ready to forgive his brother for faking his death. Tori and Nate's newly rekindled love runs into another obstacle. John receives good news, but a raging Ash isn't ready to let him move on from Billie's death.

Home and Away - Episode 6619

Can Tori and Nate's relationship survive this latest obstacle? John shocks Marilyn, he needs a fresh start. Ash must let go of his anger towards John. A stressed out Brody finds himself alone with a bag of drugs, what will he do?

Home and Away - Episode 6620

Will Brody be tempted by Lena again? Marilyn struggles to decide between the Bay and John. A codependent Matt and Evie make a snap decision to get married!

Home and Away - Episode 6621

Summer Bay's residents all pitch in to celebrate Evie & Matt's wedding. Can John really live with himself if he makes Marilyn leave the Bay? Zac drops the truth on Leah.

Home and Away - Episode 6622

Evie, Matt & Ellie start to say goodbye to their friends and family. Will VJ and Leah crack under the strain? John wants to help the victims of his bushfire.

Home and Away - Episode 6623

Justin learns why Brody's been acting so strangely lately. Leah breaks down and Ash begins to suspect Irene wants to keep Luc more permanently. John and Marilyn's happiness is cut short by a phone call.

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