Home and Away

Home and Away

Home and Away

Examines the lives, loves, drama and heartache of the residents of Summer Bay.

Home and Away - Episode 6626

Kat investigates Patrick's past in the Army. Ash is fed up with Irene's 'control' of Baby Luc. Just how long can Olivia and Hunter play house in their new dump?

Home and Away - Episode 6627

After the break in, will Olivia and Hunter stay in their new house? VJ finds out Zac's dirty secret. Ash gives Irene and VJ an ultimatum about custody of Luc.

Home and Away - Episode 6628

VJ, Hunter and Zac struggle with Zac's infidelity. Roo's got a very handsome, very young secret! John and Marilyn don't have a great rapport with their appointed defence lawyer. A blast from the past for Phoebe.

Home and Away - Episode 6629

As the Morgans prepare for Justin and Phoebe's engagement party, Brody struggles to stay away from drugs. Morag and Marilyn don't want John to accept the Prosecutor's plea bargain. Morag sniffs out an uneasy Roo's young, handsome secret. Can Tori separate her personal and professional lives to make a tough decision?

Home and Away - Episode 6630

Brody hides his struggle to abstain from drugs. Phoebe's friend Donna hasn't given up on her friend's music career. Tori can't bring herself to give Nate bad news. Morag asks James why Roo's hiding him away. John's friends encourage him to reconsider accepting the plea bargain.

Home and Away - Episode 6631

Tori's decision to fire Nate has serious professional and personal repercussions. As his family grow more concerned with Brody's behaviour, he makes a risky move. Phoebe receives the offer of her dreams.

Home and Away - Episode 6632

Will Brody's brush with the cops set him straight? Phoebe worries her potential music career in America will tear her relationship apart. Can Zac and Leah fix their broken marriage?

Home and Away - Episode 6633

Seeing the chaos surrounding Luc, Ash decides he's got to do something about her custody situation. Leah's unlikely to forgive Zac any time soon. John and Marilyn prepare themselves for John's trial.

Home and Away - Episode 6634

Roo continues to hide her romance from her friends. John must make a difficult request of VJ before his trial begins. Kat's blindsided by Ash's bid for custody of Luc. VJ hits obstacles in his quest for custody of Luc. Could Irene apply for custody of Luc too?

Home and Away - Episode 6635

Will Morag win John's court case? Olivia and Hunter realise just how good they have it. Is Roo ready to be exclusive with James?

Home and Away - Episode 6636

Phoebe returns from the tour, but her romantic reunion with Justin is short-lived. Leah's thrown by a new entrant to the custody battle for Luc. Marilyn and John must adapt to their new reality with John in prison.

Home and Away - Episode 6637

A messy custody battle brings out a lot of truths. Will Justin reveal Brody's drug problem? Phoebe's going to America - will Justin follow?

Home and Away - Episode 6638

Brody takes a step into darker territory. Roo collapses while moving house. Leah delivers a blow to Zac.

Home and Away - Episode 6639

John defends Marilyn in prison. Olivia is desperate to avoid celebrating her 18th birthday. Roo faces a life changing prospect.

Home and Away - Episode 6640

Olivia's birthday lunch turns out to be more memorable than anticipated. Supported by Roo, Marilyn struggles to cope with John's gaol sentence. Roo experiences a potentially life changing shock.

Home and Away - Episode 6641

An indecisive Roo doesn't know how to break her big news to James. Kat pushes down her feelings about moving in with Luc and Ash. In denial, Brody demands his family's trust, but ends up getting in deeper with Zannis.

Home and Away - Episode 6642

VJ and Leah struggle to deal with losing Luc to Ash. Kat and Patrick hide their discomfort with Luc around Ash. An unfortunate accident puts Brody in an even worse position with Zannis and his family. How does James feel about Roo's pregnancy?

Home and Away - Episode 6643

Hunter and Olivia's attempts to cheer up VJ backfire badly. What will Roo decide, James or her unborn child? Can Kat adjust to having Baby Luc in her life? Morag keeps working on John's case while Marilyn avoids seeing him.

Home and Away - Episode 6644

Zac tries to convince Leah to give him another chance. Can Hunter & VJ make up after their fight? Is John the man Marilyn thought he was? John faces danger in prison.

Home and Away - Episode 6645

Zac has one last attempt to save his marriage. John faces down danger in prison while Morag battles to get his appeal through. Will Justin put himself first and head to the US with Phoebe?

Home and Away - Episode 6646

Raffy's worried that Brody's lying to the Morgans about his drug habit. Will Brody's lying and thieving save him from Zannis' wrath? Marilyn has doubts about John's character. Nate makes a life changing decision without Tori.

Home and Away - Episode 6647

Brody's lies unravel as Tori gets closer to the truth. Irene and Leah's friendship is on rocky ground. Zac endangers himself after drinking away his sorrows.

Home and Away - Episode 6648

Has Zac's accident given Leah reason to rethink her decision to divorce? Is Leah and Irene's friendship over for good? Marilyn avoids John. Nate and Tori's future looks uncertain. Hunter questions if Zac is his father.

Home and Away - Episode 6649

Hunter consideres doing a DNA test behind Zac's back. An unexpected visitor could put a spanner in Justin and Phoebe's travel plans. Kat's fed up and Patrick gives Ash an ultimatum.

Home and Away - Episode 6650

Phoebe doesn't feel she can ask Justin to leave his daughter to go on tour with her. VJ opens up to Olivia about losing Luc and Billie. Ash tries to get Patrick to open up, but another PTSD episode has serious consequences.

Home and Away - Episode 6651

Despite the support from his brother Patrick is unable to deal with his PTSD. Brian and Justin come head to head when Ava ends up in hospital. Will they be able to come to a truce? VJ considers giving Luc up for good.

Home and Away - Episode 6652

Without his bank cards Brody desperately searches for a way to make money to fuel his drug addiction. Ash convinces Patrick to seek professional help. After Brian and Justin come to an agreement he is finally able to see his daughter.

Home and Away - Episode 6653

Brody manages to trick his way out of a jam but at what cost? Zac lies to Hunter about his plans to leave the Bay. Marilyn and John paper over the cracks in their relationship.

Home and Away - Episode 6654

Will Hunter's decision ruin his relationship with Zac? Marilyn's plan to reunite Leah and Irene fails badly. Things heat up between Leah and Zac.

Home and Away - Episode 6655

Nate and Tori's feud reaches a crescendo, but they ultimately make up. Marilyn admits to John she can't forgive him and he moves out of their home. Roo decides to let James into their child's life - only to learn he wants nothing to do with her - or their baby.

Home and Away - Episode 6656

Justin is torn when a surprise guest shows up to his and Phoebe's farewell party. Roo deals with the fallout from being legally served by James' parents. Ash and Leah's relationship thaws. Kat gets one step closer to nailing the Pawn Shop vandal.

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