Home and Away

Home and Away

Home and Away

Examines the lives, loves, drama and heartache of the residents of Summer Bay.

Home and Away - Episode 6521

Justin tries to chat to Phoebe about his attempts to surf on the beach but she feels awkward around him. Brody gets excited when a critic, Richard Legrande, comes in but is concerned when he becomes so enamoured that he wants to do a feature on him.

Home and Away - Episode 6522

Roo tells Alf and Duncan that Caroline has gone. Duncan calls Kat and tells her about the marijuana. They track Caroline down to a motel, her flight having been cancelled, and Duncan takes Bryce away. Justin and Phoebe continue to dance around the possibility of being together.

Home and Away - Episode 6523

Kat leaves Ash after their liaison, telling him it can't happen again, although Phoebe and Billie soon work it out. She meets him on the beach to tell him to keep quiet but instead they sleep together again; Kat tells him she loves him but they have to keep their relationship secret until her probation is over.

Home and Away - Episode 6524

Billie begs Nate to let her tell VJ and he gives her until the end of the day. Matt is forcing Ellie to stay at home and do her schoolwork so she and Raffy decide to set him and Evelyn up.

Home and Away - Episode 6525

Justin and Brody arrive as Tori and the team work to re-intubate Decker. Justin takes Raffy away and Tori reports that Decker is stable but it will be 24-48 hours before they can try again.

Home and Away - Episode 6526

Brody finally learns the truth from Decker. Ash and Kat's secret relationship lands them in hot water. Who is the mysterious girl in the photo?

Home and Away - Episode 6527

Brody finally understands his visions. Will a half-naked Kat be discovered by her boss in the Garage? Decker finally reveals his shocking secret. A credit card scam leads authorities to Ash.

Home and Away - Episode 6528

The Morgans struggle to come to terms with Decker's secret. VJ's 18th birthday ends with a life-changing question for Billie.

Home and Away - Episode 6529

Can Duncan say goodbye to Caroline and his son? Has Billie ruined things with VJ? Evelyn and Matt are drawn together, despite themselves.

Home and Away - Episode 6530

Will Duncan leave the bay? Alf's heart goes out to Caroline and Bryce. Evelyn sets Matt up on a disastrous blind date.

Home and Away - Episode 6531

The truth about Raffy is exposed. Does Evelyn have feelings for Matt? Duncan gets his chance with Tori.

Home and Away - Episode 6532

After Hope's accident, Raffy has the Morgans wondering if she knows their shared family secret. Hunter tries his best to be studious until a tempting offer raises its head. Evelyn confesses to Matt she's not over Josh.

Home and Away - Episode 6533

Hunter is caught in an exam-cheating scam, despite his intentions to sit them properly. Like father like son, is Zac cheating too? Phoebe and Justin are at odds over his many secrets.

Home and Away - Episode 6534

VJ announces his engagement to Billie before finding evidence that puts everything in doubt. Kat and Ash are sneaking about, but who is watching them? Zac is full of apologies to Leah, but has he quit his bad habits?

Home and Away - Episode 6535

VJ and Billie struggle in the first days of engagement. Kat and Ash enjoy their trysts until their blackmailer makes himself known. Nate and Tori are getting along great until Duncan appears.

Home and Away - Episode 6536

Billie makes an effort to involve Leah in the wedding. Hope returns from hospital, but why did she warn Raffy off the Morgans? Ash gets in too deep with Simmo.

Home and Away - Episode 6537

Matt helps Evie organise the charity volleyball match. Hope is arrested. A heartbroken Raffy finds out she's a Morgan.

Home and Away - Episode 6538

Justin has hit a low point. Brody is smitten with a mystery girl. Is Nate planning to leave Summer Bay?

Home and Away - Episode 6539

Marilyn sees Zac and the mysterious Sam together. Tori tries to convince the heartbroken Nate to stay. On the eve of his English exam, Hunter is nervous.

Home and Away - Episode 6540

Brody has another chance at Jeannie afterall. Olivia fumes over Hunter's constant lies. Will Leah find out about the other woman?

Home and Away - Episode 6541

Can Ash sort out his Simmo problem legally? Zac finally comes clean to Leah. VJ intervenes in Hunter and Olivia's separation.

Home and Away - Episode 6542

Has Ash deleted the photos of Simmo's laptop in time? Hope is not coping in gaol. Has Sam over-stepped a mark with Leah?

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