It's a Date Series 1

It’s a Date Series 1

It’s a Date Series 1

It's A Date explores the tension, expectation and complication of finding true love. Each episode thematically links two self-contained dates as they bravely head toward desire or disaster.

It's a Date s1 - Ep 4 - Opposites

A chance meeting following an incident on a bus allows country girl and massage entrepreneur Jessica (Kate McClennan) to spend some time with Sri Lankan Muslim and IT guru Ashraf (Nazeem Hussein). They discover they have much more in common than they would ever have guessed. Meanwhile, Zara (Kate Ritchie), a nurse and Eve (Nadine Garner) a strong minded barista struggle to find common ground after their gym junkie mate sets them up on a date.

It's a Date s1 - Ep 5 - Rebound

On It's A Date single father and vertigo suffering tree feller Hugo (Shane Jacobson) reluctantly agrees to a set up date with his sister's nanny, the carefree Camilla (Pia Miranda). Shopping centre workers, vacuum salesman Winston (Ronnie Cheung) and muffin store owner Manda (Emily Taheny) have a lunch date in the food court but may not be ready to move on from their previous relationships.

It's a Date s1 - Ep 6 - Impressions

On Its a Date - Wallflower human resource officer Vicky (Sophie Lowe) finally lands a date with her long time work crush, the extremely confident, talkative Ben (Ryan Shelton) at a trendy Thai fusion restaurant. But can Ben listen as well as he talks? Health fanatic, personal trainer in training Virginia (Jess Harris) takes a chance with an extravert and life of the party Kane (Dan Wyllie). Will her roll of the dice come up trumps or will she lose everything?

It's a Date s1 - Ep 7 - Sex

Breakfast radio jock, The Pig (Lawrence Mooney), gets his own shock when he travels to the outskirts of town to have sex with a young fan, Sam (Sophie Cusworth). 80-year-old Doug (Ron Jacobson), a rough diamond and ex-boxer is asked on a date by fellow octogenarian, former Shakespearian actress Josie. Josie offers Doug an unexpected proposition.

It's a Date s1 - Ep 8 - Age

On It's A Date - Idealistic Med student Alison (Heidi Valkenburg) tries to keep her expectations in check when her mum lets slip that her boyfriend, Michael (Pete Rowsthorn), asked permission to marry her. A dramatic twist demands she adjusts her expectations. Meanwhile, smooth talking John (Ross Noble) finds Don (Ian Smith), a much older widower on smartphone app Grinder in a regional bowling alley. Will their age spoil any chance they have of anything meaningful?

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