Janet King

Janet King

Janet King

With gun crime exploding in the suburbs, Janet King is handpicked by a nervous government to head a Royal Commission into the surge of recent shootings. CAST: Marta Dusseldorp

Janet King - Ep 5 Apprehended Violence

With increasing political pressure for the Royal Commission to deliver results, and the container full of handguns so far yielding nothing, Janet is forced to fast-track the undercover mission.

Janet King - Ep 6 The Thaw

Following Brett Bonar's death, the Commission discovers he was not only the shooter at the Nobakht house and involved George Healy's killing, but he also knew Ash's killer. So who is he working for?

Janet King - Ep 7 The Heart Of It

Despite solving Todd Wilson's murder, the political pressure on Janet culminates in a dilemma: she must either step down or suspend the Royal Commission.

Janet King - Ep 8 The Long Goodbye

With her Royal Commission suspended, Janet has to fight off the State Corruption watchdog, her political enemies, and ultimately, Ash's killer.

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