Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery

Julia Zemiro travels around Australia to take some of her favourite people down memory lane. Joining her on the road are well-known faces from the worlds of comedy, entertainment, arts and sport.

Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery - Greig Pickhaver

Actor & satirist Greig Pickhaver takes Julia to Adelaide to revisit the locations that led from a claustrophobic family life to the world of imagination & creativity that gave us the comic genius of HG Nelson.

Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery - Ben Quilty

Archibald Prize-winning artist Ben Quilty takes Julia back to his childhood home in Kenthurst. He revisits the bedroom he turned into his first art studio, adorning the walls with vivid imagery. #HomeDelivery

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