Kitchen Cabinet S4

Kitchen Cabinet S4

Kitchen Cabinet S4

No pantry is safe as Annabel Crabb travels across the country to meet some of the most interesting politicians in Australian parliament. #KitchenCabinet

Kitchen Cabinet S4 - Ep 1- Bob Hawke

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke opens the doors to his Sydney home and takes Annabel on a house tour that involves both an inclinator and an elevator, before serving up steamed Asian fish. #KitchenCabinet

Kitchen Cabinet S4 - Ep 2- Andrew Robb & Mary Jo Fisher

Trade Minister Andrew Robb and former Liberal senator Mary Jo Fisher talk openly about their struggles with depression and how mental health can influence a political career. #KitchenCabinet

Kitchen Cabinet S4 - Ep 3- Bill Shorten

Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten, with some close supervision from his wife Chloe Shorten, whips up a ratatouille for Annabel Crabb. #KitchenCabinet

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