Life at 7

Life at 7

Life at 7

The Life Series is an observational documentary series that chronicles the lives of 11 Australian children as they grow from infancy to adolescence and offers a refreshing insight into Australian family life. Every two years, the filmmakers revisit these children and their families. The children have now reached seven and this two-part series explores their first tentative steps towards independence and self-identity.

Life at 7 - Episode 2

In this episode of Life at 7, we delve into the complex social lives of our 7-year-olds. They now spend a 3rd of their lives with peers, so their social group has increasing influence. We explore the roles our kids play in these social groups, and what skills and attributes they can bring to this important aspect of their lives. So what skills do children need to form successful peer relationships? A child's social competence depends upon a number of factors, including the child's social skills, social awareness, and ability to empathise. The Life Lab experiments demonstrate how the Life children are developing in these areas. We also explore the importance of gender in the social groups of seven-year-olds. We observe just how differently boys and girls play at this age. Despite the critical role of peers, one thing is for sure - the family experience will continue to inform much of who these children are, and how they manage their relationships as their world continues to expand.

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