Lockie Leonard s1

Lockie Leonard s1

Lockie Leonard s1

What chance have you got when your dad's a cop, your mum's a frighteningly understanding parent, your brother wets the bed, your best friend's a heavy metal devotee and then you fall in love at 12 and three quarters years old? It can only mean trouble, worry, mega-embarrassment and some wild, wild times.

Lockie Leonard s1 - Episode 17

Lockie is invited to go water skiing with Vicki and her parents, and assures Vicki he's a good skier. In reality, he's never skied before. Ever. However, since this is a chance to spend more time with Vicki and impress her parents, Lockie feels he has little choice but to pretend. Besides, skiing's just like surfing, right? How hard can it be? At the river, Lockie meets Vicki's friends who now go to boarding school in the city, discovering a side of Vicki he didn't know existed. Maybe Lockie doesn't know Vicki as well as he though he did.

Lockie Leonard s1 - Episode 18

After a misunderstanding with Vicki, Lockie is thrust into a looming altercation with an older bogan. Mum also faces her fears when Mrs Eggleston asks her to pose for a sculpture. In the nude. Waking up with a temperature the day of his scheduled fight, Lockie has to decide whether to use his sickness as an excuse not to show up and face public ridicule, or face his fears and go ahead with it.

Lockie Leonard s1 - Episode 19

Lockie is stressed out . Out the three hundred and sixty five days in the year, why did Vicki and Phillip have to be born on the exact same day? Sometimes things just happen that are out of your control. Like Mum's battle with her new bread-maker. Or a misunderstanding that sees Lockie arrive inappropriately dressed for Vicki's birthday party. How will Lockie get out of this one without ruining Vicki's big day?

Lockie Leonard s1 - Episode 20

Lockie and a bunch of kids from school are off to John East's Camp Find Yourself. It's supposed to be a fun weekend of canoeing and ping pong but instead, Lockie is forced to make some tough decisions. Vicki is keen to spend as much quality, "couple" time with Lockie as possible but when Egg reveals his parents are separating and he may be moving to the city with his mum, Lockie's priorities are tested. While Lockie doesn't want to let Vicki down, he can't sit back and let his best friend march out of Angelus without a fight. Could Lockie's loyalty to Egg put his relationship with Vicki under serious threat?

Lockie Leonard s1 - Episode 21

Mum is having one of Polka Dot days. Like Freda the Volvo, sometimes Mum needs a bit of a tune-up. Usually, one day in bed does the job. But it's been three days already and Mum's not getting any better. And the Leonard men are starting to worry. Phillip has been wetting the bed, Sarge is putting on a brave face but Lockie can tell he's concerned and Lockie himself has come over all mature and responsible, taking on the housework and cooking duties. With so much going on at home, Lockie has decided to also be mature and responsible about his and Vicki's break-up...if he can just get his head around the definition of those two words. As the pressure gets too much for Lockie, he feels compelled to do something totally irresponsible and immature. Can he resist the bone-crunching allure of skate-boarding down notorious Zig Zag Hill?

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