Lockie Leonard s2

Lockie Leonard s2

Lockie Leonard s2

After an Endless Summer, Lockie Leonard and his family are back for another series of mayhem, laughter and the occasional tear. Just when Lockie thinks he's got it all sussed out, everything changes. That's the thing about the future - it just happens. But as long as Angelus has the best waves Lockie has ever seen, why would he want to be anywhere else?


Lockie Leonard s2 - Episode 6

Egg is acting out, struggling to cope with all the sudden changes in his life, but his increasingly self-destructive behaviour threatens to cost him Lockie's friendship. Mum fears Phillip's friendship with Marjorie is robbing him of childhood magic, while Constable Wattle is forced to face her greatest phobia.

Lockie Leonard s2 - Episode 7

Lockie, Vicki and Egg are determined to ignore "the kiss" ever happened and things go back to normal - but are they kidding themselves? Meanwhile, the frogs in the swamp have mysteriously gone silent. Phillip is determined to find a scientific explanation, while Marjorie suspects there may be more to it.

Lockie Leonard s2 - Episode 8

Now that Vicki is at boarding school, Lockie feels the pressure to keep in constant contact. With his birthday just around the corner, Lockie argues it's the perfect time for the Leonards to finally get a home computer. Nan arrives in town, primed for a showdown with Marjorie, while Egg rejects the idea of his Dad dating his music teacher.

Lockie Leonard s2 - Episode 9

When Egg is removed from regular classes for his recent spate of bad behaviour, Lockie realises he needs to make an emergency friend. This proves to be a more challenging task than first thought. Meanwhile, Phillip's shocked to learn Marjorie is about to drift from him, while Sarge attempts to coax Sam towards his way of thinking.

Lockie Leonard s2 - Episode 10

Marjorie learns her comet is in Angelus after all, and asks Phillip to help prepare for her farewell picnic. When Phillip can't find a key menu item in Angelus, Lockie volunteers to sneak off to the city to find some, where he discovers Vicki's new life isn't quite as he imagined.

Lockie Leonard s2 - Episode 11

Missing Marjorie, Phillip has started wetting the bed again as Mum's first love cruises into town making quite an impression on the townsfolk...except Sarge. Meanwhile, Egg finds himself caught in a bizarre love triangle.

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