Lockie Leonard s2

Lockie Leonard s2

Lockie Leonard s2

After an Endless Summer, Lockie Leonard and his family are back for another series of mayhem, laughter and the occasional tear. Just when Lockie thinks he's got it all sussed out, everything changes. That's the thing about the future - it just happens. But as long as Angelus has the best waves Lockie has ever seen, why would he want to be anywhere else?

Lockie Leonard s2 - Episode 15

Mum and Sarge decide tit's time Phillip played a team sport. When he chooses netball, he is met with unjust opposition, launching Sarge into action. Mel challenges Lockie to prove he has friends, while Curtis reveals his true colours to Egg.

Lockie Leonard s2 - Episode 16

Mel and Lockie get lost in the bush and find something special. When Phillip is bed-bound with a netball injury, his teammates cause him to re-evaluate his priorities. Egg's attempts for early release from Enrichment Class go from bad to worse.

Lockie Leonard s2 - Episode 17

As the school readies itself for opening night of the musical, all across town people can't get their lines right. Phillip comes to Sarge with a problem, sending Sarge tongue-tied, Sasha gives Egg an ultimatum, while Lockie sees Mel in a completely new light.

Lockie Leonard s2 - Episode 18

As if the failed kiss attempt wasn't embarrassing enough, Mel stays for the weekend, literally seeing Lockie's family in their underwear. Mum receives life-changing news, while a late night arrival intrigues Phillip.

Lockie Leonard s2 - Episode 19

Phillip and Joe form an uneasy duo on a mission to locate a missing alien, but in the process Phillip discovers something just as unlikely. Lockie helps Mel feel more at home in Angelus, while Mum's radio station gets off to a bumpy start.

Lockie Leonard s2 - Episode 20

Lockie is thrown when a ghost from his past returns to Angelus to haunt him. Phillip confronts Joe about his true identity, leading to an identity crisis of his own. Meanwhile, Mum battles self-doubt to make her radio station a success.

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